Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miscrit Collector Quests 37-39

Here are the next set of quests from the Miscrit Collector. This information will be added to the full Miscrit Collector guide found here:

37. Collect 1 Elefauna, 1 Shellbee, and 1 Craggy. Rewards 3 TP.

Elefauna is found in the third section of the Miscrian Forest, in and around the Magic Flower. Shellbee is in the fourth section of the forest, to the west of the Elder Tree. Craggy is located in the third section of Mount Gemma, on the paths leading up to the mountain's peak.

38. Collect 5 Steamguins. Rewards 800 XP.

Steamguins are found in the fourth section of the forest. They are most commonly seen in and around the Elder Tree.

39. Collect 1 Blazertooth. Rewards 2 Blazertooths.

Unfortunately, Blazertooth is the Gift Shop exclusive Miscrit. It must be purchased for 400 gems or 125 Facebook credits. There is currently no other method in the game to acquire Blazertooth. If you need more gems, check the Need Friends? section of the Miscrits forum:

You can also add me as a friend for daily gem gifts. Be sure to include 'Miscrits' in your friend request:

I will continue to post updates on the Miscrit Collector quests and other helpful Miscrits: World of Adventure information. Please check back often for more updates on the game, and subscribe to the blog if you like it!

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