Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscrit Collector Quests 19-21

Here are the next set of quests from the Miscrit Collector. This information will be added to the full Miscrit Collector guide found here:

19. Collect 1 Equestrion and 1 Drilldent. Rewards 2 TP.

Both of these Miscrits can be found just inside the entrance to Mount Gemma. These are actually the only
two I've seen before going up the hill into the Gemma Flats. You can also find them scattered among the other Miscrits after you go up the hill.

20. Collect 3 Breezycheeks. Rewards 3 TP.

Breezycheeks are found on the eastern side of the Gemma Flats. stick to the right after you go up the hill and you should see plenty of Breezycheeks in the trees. You can also find it around the base of the mudslide, but the levels get higher the farther up you go.

21. Collect 2 Kilorays and 1 Mumbah. Rewards 500 XP.

Like Breezycheeks, Kilorays and Mumbahs are most easily found on the eastern side of the Gemma Flats. If you're still seeing a lot of Drilldents and Statikats make sure you go further along the path. Be careful with the Mumbahs, at level 22 they get Recompose which can result in some really annoying fights if your Miscrits aren't very strong.

I will continue to post updates on the Miscrit Collector quests and other helpful Miscrits: World of Adventure information. Please check back often for more updates, and subscribe to the blog if you like it!

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