Monday, May 30, 2011

Miscrit Collector Quest 40

Here is the final quest currently given by the Miscrit Collector. After completing this quest you will start over at the beginning. This information will be added to the full Miscrit Collector guide found here:

40. Collect 1 Blazebit. Rewards 2 Blazebits.

The final quest given by the Miscrit Collector is to bring her the most powerful Miscrit currently available in the game. Blazebit is found in the Elder Tree and the two surrounding bushes. It is a rare Miscrit, and it may take several trips to find. Occasionally, Blazebit is also available in the Gem Shop.

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  1. Can you update it to the Sunfall shores version? Admins said that the Quests have changed, and I heard Snorkels was one of the new rewards?

  2. You heard correctly. I've been meaning to get a new list posted. I don't have time to do a full write up for them right now, but I'll get a list up.