Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miscrit Collector Quests 28-30

Here are the next set of quests from the Miscrit Collector. This information will be added to the full Miscrit Collector guide found here:

28. Collect 1 Jellyshock, 1 Croaky, 1 Aria, and 1 Snortus. Rewards 4 TP.

Jellyshock, Croaky, and Aria are all found in the second section of Mount Gemma, past the Eternal Falls. They are all common throughout the area. This quest contains an interesting twist; we must return to the Miscrian Forest to capture a Snortus. It can be found shortly after entering the second section of the forest.

29. Collect 1 Sparkslug. Rewards 1 TP.

Sparkslug is the first Miscrit we must catch from the third section of Mount Gemma. It can be captured after defeating the second trainer. I always tend to have better luck finding them in the various crystal formations up and around the mountain.

30. Collect 1 Jellyshock, 1 Kiloray, 1 Statikat, and 1 Sparkslug. Rewards 600 XP.

Statikat is found close to the entrance of Mount Gemma, or on the western side of the Gemma Flats. Kiloray is found on the eastern side of the flats. If you have difficulty finding it continue heading further up the path. Jellyshock is located in the second section of Mount Gemma, past the Eternal Falls. They are fairly common throughout the area. Sparkslug, as mentioned above, can be found in the third section as you progress up the mountain.

I will continue to post updates on the Miscrit Collector quests and other helpful Miscrits: World of Adventure information. Please check back often for more updates, and subscribe to the blog if you like it!

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