Saturday, May 21, 2011

Miscrit Collector Quests 13-15

Here are the next set of quests from the Miscrit Collector. This information will be added to the full Miscrit Collector guide found here:

13. Collect 1 Elefauna, 1 Snatcher, and 1 Nessy. Rewards 3 TP.

Elefauna can be found around the Magic Flower in the third section of the forest. The Snatchers can be found around there as well, though I usually have better luck a bit to the south of the flowers. Nessy is found directly around the area where the final forest trainer stood.

14. Collect 1 Twiggum. Rewards 100 XP.

Now we must move into the final section of the forest to complete the quest. Twiggums are found in the area around the Elder Tree, and they are very common.

15. Collect 2 Twiggums and 2 Steamguins. Rewards 4 TP.

Twiggums and Steamguins are both found in the area around the Elder Tree. I usually see Steamguins in the bushes around the Elder Tree when I'm looking for Blazebits. I would suggest checking there (and in the Elder Tree) because you may get lucky and find a Blazebit too.

I will continue to post updates on the Miscrit Collector quests and other helpful Miscrits: World of Adventure information. Please check back often for more updates, and subscribe to the blog if you like it!

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