Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who are the best Water Miscrits?

Ever find yourself wondering which Water Miscrits are the most powerful? Here's a breakdown of which ones are the best. I'll be using a 5 star system. The ratings represent the maximum potential of the Miscrit. Not all Miscrits will be as strong as they can, particularly the ones with Random stat rolls. Some Miscrits are stronger in certain battles or on certain teams; this list attempts to take a broad view and does not account for all situations.

This list is completely my opinion, and some may disagree with the ratings I assign. If you have a compelling reason why I've under or over rated a Miscrit, please post it in the comments section. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Detailed reviews complete with stats, skills, and recommended level 30 skills are available for some of the Miscrits listed here. Just click their name to be taken to the review post.

* - Poor

** - Below Average

*** - Average

**** - Above Average

***** - Excellent
Dark Prawnja

Thanks for reading, and check back often for more helpful information about the game!


  1. y is dark prawnja EXCELLENT

  2. You can check out my review of Dark Prawnja by clicking on the its name for more info. A few reasons why I think it deserves 5 stars though: It has solid tanking stats (Max Health, Strong PD) and good PA (Strong). It also has, arguably, the best skill list in the game. Dark Clamp is an extra powerful Physical attack (27 AP), and it gets Hydro (which has 25 AP) to take out Fire Miscrits. It also gets the best tanking buff, Unbreakable, good status effects with Sleep and Acid Rain, and it can remove its Nature weakness with OverWater. Overall, it's just a great, well-rounded Miscrit than can respond to pretty much any situation.

  3. which is your favorite snorkels or dark prawnja ?

  4. If I could get a Snorkels with really good Health and PD rolls it would be my favorite. I have one that's decent, but not quite as much Health as I'd like. The nice part about Dark Prawnja is that you don't have to deal with the random stats; it's always good. :)

  5. As of now I'm using a level 22 waddle evo on my team but I don't kno if I should take him to level 30 or release him and do my regualar prawnja since I can't find any darks to save my life

  6. Dark Prawnja can be a pain to find. It was actually the second to last rare I got. My advice would be to keep the Waddles until you can find a DP or they come back to the gem shop. Prawnja is better than Waddles in my opinion, but DP is really worth the extra effort. The Strong PA plus the 27 AP attack really make a big difference in damage at level 30.

    If you do decide to release the Waddles though, wait until they update the game with Advanced Training. They are increasing the amount of TP you get back from 50% to 60%. If you decide to wait for DP and you don't want to use the Waddles, maybe you could consider leveling a strong Miscrit of another element to fit in your team until you find DP.

  7. Thanks for the advice I'm travis@ facebook who was talkin bout DF which ii still never got lmao

    Waddles it is until gem or I get lucky I wana buy snorkels 4 gems he's sexy

  8. Aw, still haven't found a DF? You must have bad luck with the Darks. :P

    Snorkels is pretty awesome. Hopefully Sunfall Shores will come out before too much longer so we can go catch them. It will most likely be a hard to find rare too though lol.

  9. Yeah DF kicked my ass so did blaze bit so i moved on to mt gamma rares i wana get a munkee so bad

  10. Mun Kee is pretty awesome, but it's the hardest for most people to get. You have to defeat the Earth Elementum before you can even search the rock that it's in. Check out my strategy if you need any help getting him out of the way:

  11. Yeah I read it then took it out first try wasn't to bad

  12. Why do you consider Frostmite poor?

  13. Isnt Dark Prawnja Weak in speed?

  14. I consider Frostmite poor because it isn't really good at anything. It does have very good EA, but it doesn't have the speed to use it with double turns, nor the defenses to take more than 2 hits from any decent Miscrit. It also has a fairly lackluster skill list.

    Yes, Dark Prawnja does have Weak Speed, but it isn't as much of a disadvantage for it thanks to the high HP and PD. Just don't let it go up against a Nature Miscrit that can hit you hard before you get a chance to use OverWater. A tip: you can use OverWater even before a Nature Miscrit is out if you know it's coming. :)

  15. Thanks alot! I released my Frostmite and Replaced it with Dark Prawnja and he's beast. :D

  16. Now can you rate my team? Dark Prawnja, Cubsprout, Poltergust, and Flue at Lvl. 30.

  17. Good call with the Dark Prawnja. :)

    You definitely should look into replacing the Cubsprout as soon as possible. If you want a good Nature Miscrit there are quite a few to choose from, such as Dark Flowerpiller and Grubbean. If you like the Physical aspect of Cubsprout, Grubbean would be a good replacement. You may want to consider DFP though, because DP and Flue are both Physical Miscrits. Diversity in attack types can come in handy. Poltergust and Flue are both solid Miscrits. I think you'd have a pretty good team if you replace the Cubsprout. As is, I'd give it a 7/10.

  18. Tweaking. Okay so now I got Dark Prawnja, Dark Flowerpillar,(Faster than Cubsprout!), Poltergust,and Flue. I was thinkin about Fossilia instead of Poltergust? Im locked on Water and Nature Miscrits. So no changing them. Rate my team now, and if I got a Fossilia on my team.

  19. Ya know how you said I should use maybe Grubbean but i'll have to many Phs. Attackers. What if I got a Sparkitten for Flue and then Grubbean?

  20. DP, DFP, Poltergust, and Flue: A well balanced team, 8.5/10.

    DP, DFP, Fossilia, and Flue: Fossillia is a better Miscrit than Poltergust, but you lose a bit of the balance on your team with another Physical Miscrit. 8.75/10

    Sparkitten would provide a powerful EA Miscrit. If you can get an Ignios it would be even better though. It depends on whether you plan on using Fossillia or not. Here's a few sample teams that I think are well balanced and very powerful, using a lot of the Miscrits you've mentioned:

    DFP, DP, Fossillia, Ignios (a Blazebit with Good EA would work in place of Ignios)
    DFP, DP, Mun Kee, Dark Flue (Flue is good, but Dark Flue is better)
    DFP, DP, DF, Mun Kee (Leggy would work in place of Mun Kee)
    DFP, DP, Mun Kee, Fossillia

    Each of those teams only use Miscrits that I rated as Excellent. Any of those teams would be 9.5/10 in my book.

    Here are a few teams using Miscrits I rate as Excellent and Above Average. These teams would be 9/10 in my opinion:

    DFP, DP, Sparkitten, Fossillia
    Mun Kee, Grubbean, DP, Ignios
    DFP, DP, DF, Poltergust

    I'll also tell you what I think would be one of the most powerful teams possible (10/10), assuming you had good rolls on the random stats involved:

    Mun Kee, Fossillia, Dark Pranwja, Ignios

  21. Thank you for all the help. My team is now Dark Prawnja, Fossilia, Leggy, and Dark Flue.
    Sadly the rolls on randoms were crap... :(

  22. You're welcome. :) Those are all really great Miscrits. And yeah, I've been there with the randoms. That sucks. :(

  23. I just caught a Flutterpat and I don't know if I should replace Leggy. Leggy has lighting rod and good defence, but Flutterpat has a 100% accurate attack that goes 5 times and it has max EA for that move. Who should I use?

  24. They're both great Miscrits. I wouldn't suggest releasing Leggy if you already have it at 30, just because I think it's a waste to release really good Miscrits and lose the TP. You also don't know how the ED will turn out with the Flutterpat, so it might not end up being quite as good as you'd like. I would just level the Flutterpat for an alternate team. And in fact I plan to do that in the future when I get a Flutterpat. :)

  25. Is this a Good team? I don't think that I'm actually exploiting Snorkel's usefulness though:
    level 18: Snorkels, Blazebit, Jellyshock, Leggy

    My snorkels has good Health and PD Rolls, and his speed actually is on the brink of "Max". However I don't really use him much, but Leggy, Blazebit and Jellyshock more and it's more like I'm using Snorkels to defeat Annoying fires like Dark Flue and for his speed, so is there any tips for me to make Snorkels more useful?

  26. 18 is just a bad level for Snorkels. You're still using the 10 AP Water attack, so you can't hit that hard. At level 22 it learns Geyser (20 AP), and it becomes much more effective again. Snorkels's biggest strength is taking out Flue and Dark Flue though; with good PD it completely dominates.

    Leggy suffers from the same problem, but it's a little more versatile. The same with Jellyshock, but it can at least use Electrify to hit Wind Miscrits pretty hard.

    That's a pretty nice team though.

  27. Have you thought of Orcatide? What is it's rating? Should I use Orcatide or Snorkel?

  28. I would suggest Snorkels over Orcatide, unless you're in need of a tank. Orcatide is a really good tank if you get good rolls on ED and PD. I still haven't seen a full skill list for Orcatide, so it's difficult for me to assign an accurate rating. I also don't know which levels it's best at, for the same reason.

  29. Well I have been considering other options, but my other miscrits are very good at that level save for Snorkels as said. Who should I replace him with? Pretty much all water miscrits are bad at level 18, save for Dark Prawnja ect.

    I have been trying to think that, but I need a fast miscrit, with PD (Pretty rare) and also is able to deal elemental damage. Of course, there's a reason why I use him: Dark flues and Flues.
    His EA helps alot, and if I'm confused, I can hardly deal damage to myself, and that's another plus.

  30. It sounds like Snorkels is the best fit for what you want. You're right, fast Miscrits with good PD are really rare. A few Miscrits that are good at 18 (but don't match all of your criteria): Eggy, DP, Grubbean, and Echino.

    I realize that probably won't help much, but those are the best Miscrits at level 18 that aren't Fire, Lightning, or Wind. They all have good PD at least. :P

  31. Well I've been trying to save more training points to train miscrits like Grubbean by now. I think since you recommended him he would be beastly :3

    How about Leggy? Is it very good at level 18? Mine has pretty tough defenses and a Claw from Eggy deals only 16 damage.

  32. Leggy does have really great defenses. I have one at level 20 right now, and it does okay, but the damage isn't where it could be. Since you still have the 10 AP Elemental attack you aren't really getting everything you can out of Leggy.

    One of the most important factors for determining if a Miscrit is good at a certain level is what attack it learned last. In Leggy's case, it was a Physical attack so it can't do a lot of damage with it. Poltergust, on the other hand, learns Dive which it can use effectively because it has Strong EA (as well as PA). Grubbean is very powerful at level 18 because it does have a good Physical attack, and it also has the same Strong defenses as Leggy.

  33. Is this team good? I'm only on the third area of the MIscrian forest and i'm in the first Gemma section. Elephauna, Flue, Hydroseal, and Drilldent.

  34. Same guy as aboveJuly 14, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    I think it's bad because it's slow.

  35. That's a pretty good team for what you have access to right now. Drilldent is a great Miscrit for any team. Elephauna is a pretty solid tank with a good skill list, and the best common Miscrits in the forest in my opinion. Flue is a really solid Miscrit too, just like the other starters. Hydroseal can be effective if used properly, but its weak defenses make it very vulnerable. I would suggest replacing it first.

    You should start trying to catch some of the good rares that are available to you like Dark Flue and Dark Flowerpiller. But the team you have should do just fine until you decide which of the top-tier Miscrits you want to train. And like I said, Drilldent is a great Miscrit for any team, so you already have one of the best. :)

  36. The Hydroseal is very fast, so you can use it to utilize double turns. In fact, that's Hydroseal's greatest strength because it goes down so fast once the other Miscrit starts attacking. I like to have 2 fast Miscrits on my teams usually, but you can get by with 1 without a huge detriment.

  37. Ok thanks! :) Should I replace Hydroseal? I like that it's fast. Any other fast water Miscrits at this point?

  38. I caught DFP and I think health is weak. Lvl. 13 with 37 health. That diappointed my severly because it was a pain to find and didn't even turn out good.

  39. You should replace Hydroseal at some point, because overall it isn't that great. Snorkels is a really good Water Miscrit with Strong Speed, but it's hard to get unless you grab it in the Gift Shop.

    That's normal Health for a DFP. It only has Moderate Health. For comparison, I have two DFPs at level 10 right now: one has 31 Health, the other has 33. DFP is basically what Hydroseal wants to be; it has Max EA and Speed, but without the extra weak defenses (everything is Moderate). DFP also has a really great skill list. Check out my review to see more about it.

  40. Thanks. I'm thinking this will be my final team. Poltergust, Drilldent, DFP, and Flue.

  41. You'll probably want to replace Flue with Dark Flue at some point, because there is a reasonably significant damage difference. Ignios and Blazebit are two other really great Fire Miscrits you may want to look at as well. And just so you know, you may want to replace Poltergust after you get everyone to level 30. It's a really great Miscrit to use while leveling because of its offensive flexibility, but it's eclipsed by Mun Kee, Leggy, and Flutterpat at 30 (for Wind Miscrits).

    Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to one team. You can always level new Miscrits to 30 and have a first and second team. You'll mostly just want a particularly powerful team to deal with new challenges that come up like the Wind Elementum.

  42. frostmite?? it is also a water miscrit no?

  43. i found wat is a alcove now i want 2 no how i shuld defeat tat nature elementum

  44. Hi, i also played miscrits. i am preparing to make a strong miscrits team in the future. i want that team to have DFP, DP, DF and thundercracker. Do u think its going to be a good combination? i currently only have DP and DFP in level 1. i wish to have ur personal preferences

  45. Yes, Frostmite is a Water Miscrit. I have it rated as Poor above.

    I have a strategy posted for defeating the Nature Elementum. It's very easy, the AI isn't very good. Click on the Strategies link at the top of the page to see my strategies for each Elemetnum.

    I'm guessing you're the same person that asked about that team on a different post, but I'll reply again to be safe. Yes, that would be a pretty good team. The only issue with it is that it's a little bit Physical heavy. You may want to consider switching in another good Elemental-based Miscrit (like Mun Kee).

  46. What about Orcatide

  47. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 18, 2011 at 2:29 AM

    OK thanks! I will train a Grubbean once I have the TP.

    On 2 notes: 1. Should I keep my Leggy at that level? The first reason I leveled Leggy was so that I can have a good wind miscrit that can survive a Negated Earth miscrit, while being able to deal and Elemental advantaged attack beforehand (speed)2. Should I catch another Leggy to level to 30? If yes than is it OK to train the weaker Leggy at level 18, since i don't use level 30s to battle?

    And my Leggy is currently in this team: DFP, DP, BB, Leggy. would my replacing Leggy with Grubbean be OK?

  48. oh...u mean the one who asked about in the best nature miscrits? actually i'm not.i am the one who adds u on facebook and my profile picture is some sort of sea shell.... and my name is 'knowledgeable' wang di. i wish u could send me gems thx!!

  49. I still haven't seen a skill list for Orcatide so it's difficult to rate it. It has the potential to be a very good tank though.

    If you like the Leggy at 18 then go for it. Personally, I like to use Leggy around 10, 22, and 30 since that's when it learns Elemental attacks. If you don't like using level 30s to battle other players than maximizing stats isn't too big of a deal. There may be additional features added with Volcano Island that might make you want to use them though. We don't know what twists the new Battle Arena will have.

    As to whether you should level one to 30 in the first place, that depends on you. If you really like using Leggy for taking out Earth Miscrits like you said, then go for it. It's definitively good at it. Mun Kee and Flutterpat are also great Wind Miscrits to level if you want some variety.

    Grubbean would work well as a replacement for Leggy in that team, except that you have a DFP. You don't really want to have 2 of the same element on a team. Grubbean is really good at level 18 though.

    Heh, that's pretty ironic that two people asked about the same team that close together. I guess it must be popular. :P I sent you some gems. :) I'll try to send them to you often, it's just hard to keep up with gifting all the friends I have for Miscrits these days. Just send me a message asking for some if I don't send them to you for a while.

  50. By the way this is my current team: prawnja, cubsprout, sparkupine and equestrion. Can u give my team a rating out of 10? They are all at level 25.

  51. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 19, 2011 at 7:09 AM

    Ah, 2 Natures thingy. I will keep that in mind, although I really see lots of double elements in teams.

    About Orcatide. I'm planning to train one, but haven't got the TP since I trained a Clawmurai. But I thought I will share some of the skills he learns anyway.

    level 1: Sprinkle (This is Dark Prawnja's skill and you know it)
    level 1: Shy smile (You should know too)
    level 10: Blowhole Blast. Water attack, 10 damage. Accuracy 95%.
    level 16: Bash (same)
    level 30: Whale Whammy. Physical attack, 25 damage. Accuracy 90%.

    Here are some skills from fighting them in the wild but I'm not sure when he learns them: Unbreakable (simple), Merciless (like Fossilia), and Geyser (Snorkels).

  52. Wang Di: Your team is a bit weak and overly Physical-based. Prawnja and Equestrion are both good Miscrits, Sparkupine is okay, and Cubsprout is not very good. You do have 4 different elements though, so that's good. I would give your team a 6/10. Try to get that Cubsprout replaced first, and then the Sparkupine.

    Here are some tips if you want to improve your team: Grubbean would be a great replacement for Cubsprout if you want to stick with a Physical Miscrit, and Dark Flowerpiller would be good if you want someone fast. Drilldent is an easy Miscrit to get that could replace Sparkupine, Cubsprout, or Prawnja. If you like Prawnja, I would definitely recommend getting Dark Prawnja. It's a pretty big upgrade. Look around at some of the Miscrits I have rated as 4 or 5 stars and see which ones you'd like to build a team with. I would suggest trying to balance your team out with Elemental + Physical, Defense + Offense, and Fast + Slow. You don't have to have perfect balance, but the more balanced your team is the better you can respond to a variety of situations.

    Leggy Guy: Yeah, double elements in teams are fairly common. In fact, I use two Fire Miscrits sometimes when I'm hunting rares (Ignios and Blazebit), and I sometimes do it with level 10 teams depending on who isn't dead at the moment. Ideally though, you want diversity because there are strategies you can exploit against teams that use two of the same element. It's easier to leverage elemental advantage against them.

    Thanks for sharing the skills! I've had Whale Whammy used on me quite a few times lol. It looks like it probably has a pretty solid skill list, so I'm pretty confident that it's at least an above average Miscrit. If you find out any more of its skills please share them too. :)

  53. I had one dark prawnja and one dark flowerpillar, I wanted them to form another team and my darks are only level 10....that would actually cost quite some training points...

  54. Yeah, it definitely costs a lot of TP. But you may not want to waste more TP on bad Miscrits like Cubsprout, particularly if you ever plan on using them for the Battle Arena or difficult challenges like the Wind Elementum. You can always consider releasing Miscrits you don't want to re-cooperate 60% of the TP.

    I'm not trying to tell you that you necessarily have to do any of that though. I'm just giving you my advice on building a more powerful team. If you're happy with what you have, then stick with it. Most of the time when people ask me to rate their team they want to know how to make it better, so I usually just include my advice. Sometimes I like to use Miscrits I know aren't good just because I really like the design, like Treemur. I usually use those at level 10 since I don't need them to be extremely good to win battles. I also have a couple of level 20 Miscrits I leveled early on that really aren't that good, but I keep them around for sentimental value.

    Another option you could consider is just leveling a completely new team like you're talking about doing with the Darks, and make it a really good one so that when you get them to 30 you know they can take on anything. And you can just keep the guys you already have at level 25.

  55. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 20, 2011 at 4:02 AM

    I need 11 more TP to advance train a current level 29 miscrit i have to fully make a full level 30 team for hunting rares and such. I'm also halfway on my way to level 45, so the TP should help my training Orcatide as well. On a side note, is it worth the extra 2 TP for expert training Orcatide, or should i just use the basic training?

  56. Personally, I don't care for expert training, especially when a Miscrit has random stats. The best time to use it is on Miscrits that can benefit from almost any stat gain (like Leggy). Using it on Miscrits with random stats can go really badly though, because you already don't know if the Miscrit is going to be any good. If you do want to use expert training, I would wait until the Orcatide is around level 20 and you're fairly sure it's going to be a good one. Unless you just like gambling. :P

  57. I get it. I think I will use some of ur advice. I will let my current miscrits team be at level 25 since u said its not worth the training points. MAYBE I will release my cubsprout. But I cant find dark flue...really need help.... Btw u think it is not worth the 2 training points for expert training?

  58. I don't think it's worth it in most cases. I would rather level another Miscrit. Some people like it to try to make extra powerful teams for the Battle Arena. It's really only worth it on Miscrits that will benefit from most stats though, since you don't know where the extra point will go.

  59. which is the best among the excillents/?

  60. Yup I agree. Or unless u have extra lots of training points to spare bought from Facebook credits :p. Btw can u also make a post on the best lightning miscrits too?

  61. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 21, 2011 at 4:30 AM

    Hmm I see. I will just normal train my Orcatide since i don't plan to use him in Arena. I'm also planning far ahead by advance training another DFP, using that in Arena and training my current one to dark fairyblossom.

    By the way. Just found out that Venom is another Skill Orcatide learns. Know by finding one in the wild (I released my Orcatide by accident D: thank it was level 2 lol)

  62. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 21, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    Sorry for this short post :/

    level 4: Smack (...)
    level 7: Shields Up (...)

  63. Snorkels is the best if the random stats turn out good.

    I have a post with Lightning Miscrit ratings. Click on the Ratings link at the top and you'll see links to each element.

    Thanks again for the skills! Venom is a good skill for Orcatide.

  64. why is nessy average i know it is my favorite i fought a tulipinny level 25 and i beat it with my nessy level 21 which it has a lot of good elemental attack which makes it a very strog miscrit

  65. Nessy is below average because of one major problem: Weak Physical Defense. It only has Moderate Health too, so it can be taken out really fast by good Physical attackers. Against Miscrits that use Elemental attacks it does okay though. It has a decent skill list, but nothing special, and its other stats don't really make up for the Weak PD.

  66. I Think Waddles should be above average he has Pretty Good EA and good moves and just a small lack of speed.
    And also can you please rate my team
    A Pretty Good Blazebit,Jellyshock,Waddles and Elefaunna all level 22 I Easily beat nature elementaul with them and i succeded most of the time in arena

  67. Hi chris! i'm debating on which waddles to release as i had 2 waddles at level 10 as i wanted to get back some TP.

    Waddles #1: HP:32

    Waddles #2: HP:34

  68. That's a decent team, it's well-balanced. I'd give it an 8/10.

    Wang Di: That's a tough choice. I would probably keep the second one, since it has a higher stat total; it actually has pretty good Speed for a Waddles too.

  69. is tough...#1 has higher EA and ED while #2 has higher HP, PA,PD and SD

  70. It's in the end of the third section of the forest and beginning of the fourth. Check out my Miscrit collector guide for a more detailed description of the location.

  71. hi my current team is DFP, DF drilldent and hydroseal
    i wanted to switch hydroseal for another water miscrit but i didnt beat the guy to elder tree yet . who should i take?

  72. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 25, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    Still low on TP :P

    I'm surprised that Orcatide gets Feebler at level 13, pretty decent maybe.

    My Orcatide still keeps getting +1 on all attacks, save for 2 +2s in EA, which Sucks :/ Low attack doesn't make him so nice though...

  73. random dude: You many want to stick with Hydroseal until you have access to a good Water Miscrit like DP or Snorkels. Wavesling is a pretty good choice too, once you get access to the beach.

    Leggy Guy: Yeah, that's the issue with using the pure tanks like Orcatide and Echino. The can set up some nice strategies though. :)

  74. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 27, 2011 at 6:14 AM

    Also, how would you rate Frostmite in its old glory?

    (HP: Mod, EA: Max, ED: Mod, PA: Strong, PD: Mod, Speed: Weak)

  75. Is this a good team? Lvl. 30's Snortus, Grubbean, Drilldent, and Munkee? It maybe be to Phsy, but Grubbean and Snortus (Munkee to but it's not Phys.) learn a 25 AP ele attack. You'd prob tell me to replace Snortus but acctually he's pretty good. He might have potential to be above average, because of Lull, Turtle Terror, and Hydro. Long comment.XD

  76. Leggy Guy: Having Strong PA isn't really much of a boost for Frostmite in my opinion. It either needs better defenses so it can take a hit, or better Speed so it can actually utilize it's Max EA before it dies.

    Anon: Yeah, that is a pretty decent team. You're exactly correct about the weaknesses I would point out. I agree that Snortus isn't bad; I considered placing it above average for a bit. It was one of my early favorites, and it's a cross of two of my favorite animals (odd as that may be). If you did want to improve the team though, I would recommend Snorkels over Snortus, since it would also give your team a stronger Elemental presence.

  77. Hey, I think you did pretty good with the rankings/ratings for the water miscrits. I have a level 30 snorkels, and both its random stats turned out strong, so its a beast.
    The only things I might change would be frostmite and snortus. Sure, snortus doesn't have great stats, but its a pretty good physical miscrit with great skills, and for that, I might consider it as above average. As for frostmite, its not that bad, and I don't really think its much worse than nessy, or possibly hydroseal.

    Sorry for writing so much. :)
    (btw, I'm the guy that commented on equestrion and breezycheeks in ur wind ranking post)

  78. Hey Chris, can you tell me please what Miscrits are good at level 10? i want to start a level 10 team. i know this is completely irrelevant but i'm new to this stuff. currently my level 10 team is Gropher and flufferpuff. any good so far?? maybe you should make posts about arena battle level miscrit stuff. what ever blah blah blah. if you could get back to me it would be much appreciated :)

  79. Anon: I do like Snortus, and I'm considering moving it up to Above Average. I've heard a lot of good feedback about it, and it was one of my early favorites. Frostmite I just can't like though. Max EA is cool, but it doesn't have the Speed to use it quickly, or the defenses to stand up to a few attacks. I don't find its skill list impressive either. I have one, and it can get the job done if you're careful about how you use it, but it just has so many weaknesses and not enough strengths. And don't worry about writing so much, your comments are insightful and appreciated. :)

    NoOrdinaryMaori: Yeah, I really should do some posts about Battle Arena levels. I've been wanting to for a while, but I just haven't had the time. The two you have so far are good, Gropher would be my #2 recommendation. The absolute king of level 10 is Blazebit. Bombard is just beastly. My third favorite for level 10 is Dark Flowerpiller. Add those two to your team and you should be happy with the results. :)

  80. No, I think Frostmite belongs in the poor area; it's possible to kill it in one shot. No offense meant to the people who like Frostmite. :/

  81. Frostmite is dark flowerpillar can one shot KO it...

  82. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 29, 2011 at 3:44 AM

    Still can't get the TP to train Orcatide, wishing well handing me at least 1000 gold a day mostly. Had some 1 and 2 TPs, but rarely enough, so I would leave it at:

    1. Sprinkle, 1. Shy smile 4. Smack 7. Shields Up
    10. Blowhole Blast: 10 water damage 95% accuracy 13. Feebler 16. Bash 30. Whale Whammy: 25 Physical damage 90% accuracy.

    I thought Frostmite would be at least a 1.5 with Strong PA. Would at least make his Barrage more useful or so I thought. The defense he has still is a problem but having two powerful attack stats should actually make his attack choices more versatile. I had tried training Abomino but gave up at level 10 to train Orcatide instead. I would choose Barrage, Glaciate, Stilled and Overwater. Is that good?

  83. Strong PA would definitely make Frostmite more flexible offensively. Those are the skills I would keep at level 30; it doesn't really have any other good ones.

  84. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 31, 2011 at 5:40 AM

    Hmm I can see. Also do you know of the Hydroseal glitch? Before Weevern got released Hydroseal got Strong ED, which is my level 17 Streamlion's ED (37, pretty good). Planning to keep him there since any further levels mean he will keep getting +1/ +0 since the glitch was fixed. Wasn't made too public though, What would you say if Hydroseal got moderate, Max, Strong, moderate, weak, strong? Also what does freak out do, it is only 10 damage but the description says "very powerful move". I'm guessing it hits twice, but rumour says it hits thrice.
    P.S Hydroseal final moves, Tears, Sweetlullaby, Freak out, Flood, good? Also:

    Orcatide updates:

    1- Shy smile, Sprinkle
    4- Smack
    7- Shields Up
    10- Blowhole blast (10, water, 95%)
    13- Feebler
    16- Bash
    19- Merciless

  85. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 31, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    By the way, I was thinking of making a level 20/22 team, so was wondering if you could help me pick some miscrits that are good at those levels. Definitely, though, it won't be anytime soon since I'm levelling Orcatide as well. However some candidates I'm thinking of:

    Blazebit (level 22 Grimstone:HP 70, EA 51, ED 47, PA 16, PD 53, Speed 44- Brimstone, Confuse, Tickle, Bash)
    Luna (maybe)

    I base them on availabilty and how easy they are for me to catch. Probably will throw Leggy into the list, but still keeping him at level 18 and would rather get a level 30 Leggy instead, though possible. Of course my current team and all that... Keeping them at level 18 since I have pretty much mastered the level 16-18 arena.

    P.S should i level that blazebit. His ED and PA is not exactly to my liking and so is his speed. Should I release him or train him further?

  86. where iz Orcatide

  87. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 1, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    Orcatide is found in the final area of Sunfall Shores, Dead Island. To access it you must have first beaten all 3 mini bosses, namely Surfer Nelson, Adventurer Amanda, and the Wise Fisherman. They have some really powerful miscrits, including Kelpa, Snorkels, Flutterpat, and the widely know Ignios, so if you are to defeat them be up for a challenge! Although in truth I defeated all 3 of them like ants, not even needing potions....

    How I did it:

    1st battle: Nelson with Wavesling, Echino, Grubbean, Sparkspeck at level 29
    My miscrits: level 30 Weevern, Flameling, level 25 Prawnja
    Basically, my Weevern defeated Wavesling, used Toxic on Echino. Switch to my Flameling, used WickedFlames till he died despite negating element. Defeated Grubbean this way too. Died when Sparkspeck entered the battle. Weevern used Toxic, then died. Prawnja used Acid rain, with claw combination, I won.

    2nd Battle: Amanda with Jack, Arigato, Sparkitten, Kelpa at level 30
    My miscrits: level 30: Flameling, Weevern, level 25: Prawnja, level 23 Drilldent
    This is harder with Kelpa, and along with the mighty miscrits. Basically my first miscrit was Weevern as it hits real hard. I managed to luck out and not get confused by Jack's Confucius move. My Weevern dealt the last hit, taking it down with one Lotus. Arigato was next, killed my Weevern who had red health. My Flameling was next, but I saved him for Kelpa so I switched to my drilldent and used Landslide till it died. Drilldent was red health, so Sparkitten killed it easily. My Prawnja was next and used storm + Acid rain. I died due to Meowferno + Venom combo, then one fire dance killed Sparkitten. Kelpa was next, And I got the turn. I used WickedFlames, then Kelpa used Garbage Heap. Continued till he died, Flameling alive with red health. (OK I exaggerated that part- I killed Kelpa with only 2 hits)

    3rd battle: Fisherman with Flutterpat, Digsy, Snorkels, Ignios at level 30
    My miscrits: level 30: Drilldent, Weevern, Flameling, level 28: Prawnja
    This is the toughest battle EVER. In fact took me a few tries to succeed without potions- maybe 3 times. First was my Prawnja, using acid rain. Flutterpat with it's Aeriel strike that never misses is an annoying move. I spammed Hydro till my Prawnja died. Flameling next after Acid rain had Flutterpat killed. I used Wicked flames, Digsy used Ruthless bite, WickedFlames, Ruthless Bite and Flameling died. One Dual Dragon from Weevern killed it. Then was Snorkels. It used Fin Wave and dealt little damage, then I dual Dragon and drained him to red health. He used Fin Wave and I killed him with lotus. Then Ignios came out. I used Toxic after he used Magic Eraser, then he killed me with a Reaping Flame. My drilldent was next, and with 2 Screwdrivers I killed Ignios.

    Yeah sorry for that long post, but Maybe it could help someone here. Oh by the way, there hasn't been much lately, low on TP here and there and all. Just a question, which of these combos makes a good team, at level 18:

    A)Dark Flowerpillar, Dark HermetalCrab, Blazebit, Jellyshock
    B)Dark Flowerpillar, Dark HermetalCrab, Blazebit, Leggy
    C)Dark Flowerpillar, Dark HermetalCrab, Blazebit, Grubbean
    D)Dark Flowerpillar, Jellyshock, Blazebit, Leggy
    E)Blazebit, Dark Flowerpillar, Dark HermetalCrab, Dark Flue

    Blazebit above: hp 57 EA 50 ED 36 PA 46 PD 42 SpD 41
    Yes... I know the Ed is not nice but at least Hydroseal can't take a shot at me thanks to speed. All my Blazebits have turned out with bad ED... :(

  88. Leggy Guy: Yeah, I’ve heard about the Hydroseal thing. That must be pretty nice to have one. It’s definitely a nice upgrade. I would bump it up to Average for that. I’m not sure how many times Freak Out hits. I would hope three, since it only has 85% accuracy. Those are the skills I would keep. Thanks for updating the Orcatide skills. :)

    Whoa, what’s wrong with that Blazebit’s PA? I hope that’s a typo lol. He would be good for a level 22 team though. Leggy is great at 22. Luna is good at 22 also; as long as you don’t plan on leveling the team to 30 I think it would be a good choice. Sparkitten and Drilldent are both pretty good at 20. I had someone ask me a similar question the other day, so I’m going to post what I told him. Maybe it will help a little:

    Here are some good Miscrits from 20-25, along with the preferred level:
    DFP 25
    DP 20
    DF 20
    Blazebit 20 if high PA, 22 if high EA (25 works too)
    Drilldent 20
    Eggy 22 (25 works too)
    Poltergust 20-25 (particularly 22)
    Leggy 22
    Wavesling 20
    Echino 20 or 25
    Grubbean 20
    Flutterpat 22

    If you do make a level 22 team I would use the Blazebit on it. I don’t think I would level it further though. It’s pretty decent, but nothing special. Especially if the PA is really that bad lol.

    Thanks for posting that write up of your battles. Hopefully it will help some people. :)

    I don’t like DFP at 18. It still has its level 10 attack, so it can’t do nearly as much damage as it should. I’ll tell you which Miscrits are the best from those teams: Blazebit, Grubbean, DP, and DF. Of course, that would be a very Physical heavy team, so I’m guessing that’s why you didn’t go with them. If it was me, I would use Leggy, DP, Grubbean, and Blazebit. I guess team C would be the most similar, I just replaced the DFP. :P

  89. I just caught a flutterpat at the sinkhole in sunfall shores. Do u think it works well with DFP, DP and DF? And I can't get mun kee very soon as I did not even beat the second trainer of mount gemma and the EE. So do u think it can kinda replace mun kee?

  90. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 2, 2011 at 3:55 AM

    Well I think that my DFP is still pretty decent there. I have like 2-3 other level 1 Dark Flowerpillars, 2 of which I plan to level them. However I still prefer having DFP. That way whenever I see Dark Prawnjas and Snorkels and Shellbees I won't panic since those water miscrits give me way too much of a challenge before I earned a DFP. Of course, I plan on levelling the DFP out of it's current stage soon, but I still put Orcatide on the top of my list. I still think that having a level 30 miscrit with Venom could help me with hunting rares. Especially that he's a water miscrit and should prove useful against Ignios ect. :P

    Oh yes! Sorry I messed up that one :P The PA for the Grimstone should be 46, not that it really is nice though. So with that would it be nice to level him? I did a little comparison, and averaged it to be:
    HP-Strong, EA-Strong, ED- Moderate, PA- Moderate, PD- Strong(high), Speed- Moderate(low?) I think it probably is the Elemental version of snatcher, tanking physical damage while dealing powerful Elemental attacks.

    Also the reason I considered Sparkitten was it learns Venom at level 22- Pretty powerful I suppose. Also about my team. Leggy, DP, Grubbean and Blazebit is a nice choice, except that I'm scared without my DFP :P It is a really great tank at that level. Spamming thrive to a point where fire damage dealt critical 2 damage, I was Toxic+ Confuse to victory. I learnt that trick from the AI Opponent I fought months ago, when I was down to my last miscrit (Happened to be a Cubsprout... I wasn't very smart picking out miscrits then). I couldn't really defeat the Chrysaleaf, because It was spamming thrive while I keep getting confused. I tried using Merciless, but it was useless anyways. Gash ended up dealing 1 damage while I keep getting Tangled with 12 damage. I just gave up in the end -.- Pretty much what I do in arena now whenever their last miscrit puts up a really good fight, defeating 2 miscrits without problems. I think once I get my Orcatide to level 28 I may stop training him, because I think by then he will have Venom, Geyser, Bash and Unbreakable, and I won't exactly need Whale Whammy yet. Then i will begin training my miscrits for Arena. And I think I would train another Dark Chrysaleaf first, so one can replace my current one (of course I'm advance training it- I like my Arena miscrits to be stronger than average). Also, is this a nice team: Blazebit, DFP, DP, DF. I got this idea of a beastly "Dark Blazebit" team from someone I fought in Arena. Back then I had no Digsy to stand up to Dark Flue, so I lost that whole game. I think It would be pretty powerful, what do you think of that?

    Pretty much have no relation to the actual skill list, but I would take a wild guess:
    22, Geyser, 25, Unbreakable, 28, Venom. Maybe. level 30 is definitely Whale Whammy, seeing how level 30 skills, as far as I remember, are entirely Exclusive to that miscrit. Also, I saw this somewhere and was pretty shocked: Lumera learning Unbreakable at level 19. Is that true, because that makes him have ultimate buff at level 19-21.

  91. @ leggy guy: lol your posts just keep getting longer and longer :P And yea, I didn't realize this before, but what you heard about lumera is true.
    @ water miscrits post: Okay, i gave some extra thought about it, but I still don't change my mind about Snortus. To me, it's way out of squibee, shellbee, and waddle's league. Especially with lull... it's very good. And I still find it kind of disappointing/stupid how squibee, shellbee, and waddles's all have like the same stats and attacks (squibee and shellbee are basically the same thing, except that shellbee is slower)

  92. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 3, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    @ Darren: Oops I can't stop myself lol, I just like to type these :P

    Well that does it. Lumera is conclusively the best at level 19 with unbreakable. Pity he doesn't have the attacks to back it up.

    About Snortus: He is pretty average physical attacker. His "Lull" move is pretty interesting, I give you that, but overall like Chris mentioned somewhere, "It is just an ordinary physical attacker, nothing special." (Supposedly somewhat like that :P) However on a side note Sparkupine is pretty much like Snortus in a way. It learns venom, a good move for it. Snortus learns Lull, which is rather good. Overall he is really ordinary. His weak speed also risks him getting one-two shot by a double-turning DFP. I think he is best at level 30 and 10, nothing much elsewhere.

    Squibee and Shellbee are the same like you noticed. Their final moves are pretty much the same, the only difference being their speed. Waddles on the other hand learns both Confuse and Sleep- with some luck you can confuse the opponent, make him/her attack/ weaken themselves, then with some luck land a sleep, lower their defenses some more then strike, a pretty good combo.

    Orcatide update: My guess was almost correct. Geyser at level 22, Venom at level 25 and Unbreakable at 28. I think with nice defenses I give him a 4/5. :)

  93. Wang Di: Yeah, Flutterpat would be great for that team. It works pretty well in place of Mun Kee. Just no Deep Sleep. :P

    Leggy Guy: I probably wouldn’t put too much more TP into that Blazebit, but you could level it some if you need it for a specific team. If you’re having a lot of success with the DFP then definitely keep it on your team. I just use potions to counter buffs like that, but I have over 50 of everything so it’s no big deal to me lol. The “Dark Blazebit” team would definitely be powerful. Just be careful around Water Miscrits. And yes, Lumera does learn Unbreakable at level 19. It’s pretty good at level 22, with Brimstone, Unbreakable, and Max Power. Definitely a great buffer.

    Thanks for the continued updates on Orcatide. :) Definitely some nice skills for a tank. I agree, and I’m going to put it in Above Average.

  94. Waddles one of my favourite water miscrits that all ppl hate but i bet all the people that has been easily defeated with one or 2 hits to their ignios or blazebits are gonna train him i mean really ppl underrate him he's pretty good that he can kill any fire miscrit and with negate element he can defeat nature miscrits the only thing he lacks is speed thats the only bad thing about it and can you just have to watch out for other nature miscrits like dfp that can double turn it but it still has strong ED So it might not die so you could use negate element it also has a pretty good skill list and good debuffs.
    In my Book Waddles is rated Above Average.

  95. my current team is the dark trio and digsy all level 30 i have great success with them and i am looking for a new level 30 team i have a level 11 leggy which i am going to put in the team could you reccomend the other 3 please?

  96. Yup....i kinda like deep sleep but I like flutterpat's design more :P ... Btw what will the rating be for dark starter + flutterpat?

  97. i now have kelpa and munkee in half hour guess i got lucky if i get ignios aswell then divide the four into 2 seperate teams
    team 1

    TEAM 2

    i like the look of both teams if the randoms go well but i have noticed DFP gets killed before it deals great damage do you think replacing it with snorkels would be a better option thanks in advance

  98. Wang Di: Do you mean a team of all three Darks plus Flutterpat? That would be a really strong team. 9.5/10

    gusthenewkid: Those teams look really good. I don't think you need to replace the DFP. Just be careful to use it in situations where you know it will double turn, that way you can get in plenty of damage before it dies. :)

  99. Who do you prefer? Snorkels or Leggy? Have you had a better expereince with one than the other? I am leaning towards Leggy 'cause he has negate. I'm assuming the Snorkels has MAX PD and Health.

  100. yeah i have DFP third in the team now so it always double hits i had to release kelpa though its stats were awful munkee is level 22 and looks bad aswell guess a have no luck with randoms

  101. If you can get a Snorkels with Max PD and Health, I would go with it over Leggy. Leggy is better than a mediocre Snorkels though.

    Randoms can be such a pain. >_<

  102. What are the differences that make Dark Prawnja excellent, but Prawnja only above average?

  103. Yow Master Chris or anyone who likes to help! Please help me current level 30 team are ignios, sparkupine, thundercracker and mumbah..I can win 20 battles a day with my team but you know, its still not solid..

    My ignios turned out to have moderate health and moderate ED, but his speed is strong..for me, he is still not a beast..

    I know my sparkupine is one of the candidates to be replaced..but may i know a tanker/physical miscrit that have venom or poison with 80% accuracy..because that makes my sparkupine powerful in the arena..

    My TC on the other hand, has a 49 was not lucky on his random stat..should i replace it with a beelzebug or munkee? i have a munkee at level 1, waiting to be leveled up..

    And lastly, my mumbah, i should replace it right? As of now i have a digsy, but I'll hunt fossillia later..Please tell me what other miscrit to replace mumbah..(i don't like drilldent looks..hehe)

    Sorry for a long post, I am confused a lil bit.. Please help me..Thank You - Pax from the Phil

  104. Miscrit Raters real name is StevenAugust 10, 2011 at 7:10 AM

    I would take the Mun Kee and see if it's good. If not get a Beelzebug. For Mumbah I would get a Digsy Or good Eggy. And get a Snortus because you have a Fire already. Snortus is a Phys. tanker/attacker. His helpful move is Lull. Hope that helps!

  105. Dark Prawnja has better stats, and at levels 10 and 30 it learns a stronger attack (by 10% and 8% respectively).

  106. Yow master Chris, this is Pax agen, ahm, if i happen to catch a snorkels?? could snorkels be another replacement for my sparkupine??? i mean DP and Snorkels are both excellent with ur ratings of them.. hehe

  107. Please rate my team: Mun Kee, Beelzebug, Treemur and Waddles level 19

  108. Not a bad team. I'd look into replacing that Treemur pretty soon though, and the Waddles next. Mun Kee and Beezlebug are both great though.

  109. Please rate my snorkels (it may be a little hard at lv2 though,sorry!)but

  110. Level it up to level 8 or 10 first..

  111. i started again on the game i have beezlebug level 30 and munkee level 12 could you rate it please its expert trained
    health 42
    EA 34
    ED 29
    PA 23
    PD 23
    SPEED 32 thanks

  112. Anon: Like Pax said, level it up a bit more first. It's pretty impossible to tell anything at level 2.

    gus: Pretty good Mun Kee. The Health is Strong and the Speed is pretty much Max. Everything else is pretty solid.

  113. Is my team good???? shellgun,pyrotep,rubarb and pharaohette?????
    please give me an advise!!!

  114. ok, now my snorkels is lv 14 so can u plz rate it. its stats are:

  115. Yow Anon, if u wanna compare ur Snorkels to my level 13 is his stats:

    hp: 47
    ea: 34
    ed: 28
    pa: 24
    pd: 37
    sp: 33

    Our snorkels are pretty alike..the HP and speed are kinda strong-ish..I just hope these snorkels would be great at level 30..

  116. Hep hep Chris! u have time, this is an update of my Snorkels..its now level 26, i haven't got the chance to level it to 30 since I am lacking TPs..and this snorkels got like 5 or 6 level ups with +0 on his PD (that's a no no!)

    This is his stats:

    hp - 84
    ea - 63
    ed - 51
    pa - 43
    pd - 60
    sp - 60

    so, EA, PD and SP are quite strong right? it's not high moderate right? hehehe..please reply asap master Chris! tnx!

  117. Kindly rate my level 20 Prawnja please. It'd be much appreciated.


    HP: 73
    EA: 39
    ED: 37
    PA: 36
    PD: 49
    SP: 36

  118. Anon1: It’s a pretty average team, look at some of the Miscrits I have rated as 4 or 5 stars to upgrade it.

    Anon2: Your Snorkels is looking good. The PD and Health are both Strong.

    Kim: It’s looking pretty normal. The Health is really good.

  119. hey chris i need help

    i have blazertooth eggy and snorkels for a team but i dont know which one to take as last miscrit.
    plz help

  120. Yow Chris, an update..
    This is my snorkels level 30

    hp - 96 (I guess this is strong?)
    ea - 71 (Strong also?)
    ed - 59 (It's kinda high moderate?)
    pa - 48 (moderate)
    pd - 74 (kinda little max right?)
    sp - 69 (strong)

    Did my Snorkels turned out fine? hehe

  121. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 19, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    @ Anon: I'd suggest replacing Blazertooth. Steamguin would be someone, Sparkitten too. And of course the Infamous Dark Flue with his Dark Mighty Bash and the famous Blazebit and Ignios.
    A last miscrit I'd suggest, Digsy or Grubbean, though Grubbean since you already have an Eggy. Again, this are the things I need to know to help you further: 1. What level are you, and where do you have access to? 2. I need to know what miscrits you have... 3. ...And what level they are.... 4. ...And which level you fight at.

    @ Pax.PH: That Snorkels is so friggin awesome, all Dark Flues will die! LOL J/K J/K. In all seriousness though, you guess are right. Although I'd give your ED the low strong- Which is a tad bit higher than high moderate (which would be around 57). And your PD is the low end of max, pretty good. To be honest a 75 means max so you are pretty good. :) Have fun killing Dark Flues!

  122. Yow yow Master Leggy! haha ur right man! Afterburns, Dark Afterburns, Eruptacus and Preliators are only two fin waves! haha..Most players also put their moderate speed Dark Afterburns/Afterburns in the first position that's why my Snorkels is always the first to strike..I hardly encounter DFP 1st, but when that happens, my Snorkels suffers from Dark bugs! haha

    I am levelin up a munkee now since the 1st munkee's speed was kinda slow..he's level 13 and the speed is around 25..wew very moderate! that's why I'll try to level up another munkee I just caught..

    Tnx for rating my Snorkels! :)

  123. @guy who asked about leggy:
    i have dark flue, dark flowerpiller, beelzebug and thundercrackere as 1st team all lvl 30 and the farthest i can get is the jagged treasure area im lvl 25. I though about replacing eggy by digsy since hes easier to find and is blazertooth a weak miscrit. if thats so, why?
    my team would look like digsy, snorkels , sparkitten????, ?
    TY :)

  124. Oh and i wanted to train jack as last miscrit is that a good choice?

  125. Is my team good???dark prawnja,luna,mumbah and tulipinny?????

  126. Hi! I'm a newbie and I was wondering if my Prawnja is any good. Could you please rate it?

    Health: 104
    Elemental Attack: 55
    Elemental Defense: 55
    Physical Attack: 53
    Physical Defense: 72
    Speed: 50

    Thank you very much.

  127. which miscrit team is greater???
    mumbah,tulipinny,poltergust and dark prawnja?????
    mumbah,tulipinny,luna and dark prawnja????

  128. Guy whos searching a teamAugust 20, 2011 at 8:24 PM

    lol another update sry im changing my mind so much :p
    okay so since kelpa is available from the gift shop ill take him with digsy and snorkels but im debting over jack and leggy for the fourth miscrit
    could u help me ? TY

  129. wat do u say abt waddles??? y is it in average position?

  130. Please rate my team. lvl 20 Kang, Rubarb, and Cryptile. and a lvl 22 chimpanbreeze

  131. There are a lot of anonymous posters here, but hopefully this won’t get too confusing:
    Anon1: Blazertooth isn’t extremely weak, it’s just average. There are a lot of much better Fire Miscrits. Ignios, Blazebit, and DF are the best. There are a lot of options you could consider for a fourth. A team of Digsy, Snorkels, DF, and DFP would be good (since you already have DF and DFP).

    Anon2: Jack is not that great, I would recommend Leggy, Mun Kee, or Flutterpat for a Wind Miscrit.

    Anon3: DP is good, and Tulipinny is okay, but Mumbah and Luna aren’t that great. Luna is good prior to level 30 though.

    Faith: That’s a pretty good Prawnja.

    Anon4: Poltergust is better than Luna at level 30. I’m guessing you’re also Anon3.

    Team Guy: I’m guessing you’re Anon1+2. I would definitely recommend Leggy over Jack. That would be a pretty solid team.

    Anon5: Waddles is just very average. The only real benefit it has is learning two status effects.

    Anon6: That’s a pretty average team.

  132. You had alot to reply to there. I could help you reply sometimes.

  133. Chris please rate my team.

    Dark Flowerpiller
    Dark Prawnja

    I recently got those rare Miscrits thanks to my bro's effort.

    Thank you very much.

    Happy Miscriting... =]

  134. plz rate my lvl 10 snorkels :)

    TY ps: i gave myself a name cuz i know its confusing with all those anonymous posts :)

  135. SG: Health is Strongish-Max, and PD is the low end of moderate. :/ I would get another.

    Faith: That is a great team! Although if you have a Mun Kee I would train it. As Mun Kee is better with the infamous Deep Sleep+ High Focus+ Cool Breeze and it could have better stats with good randoms. I just realized your team is like mine.

  136. Miscrits Rater: Yeah, that was a lot to reply to lol. I would love any help replying to posters, especially all the Miscrit ratings, and you do have such an appropriate name. :P

    Faith: He’s right, really great team!

    snorkels guy: Thanks for using a name, it definitely makes things easier. :)

  137. What does "High Focus" (High Accuracy) do? Does it only raise Hit Rate or Critical (Top end damage) too?

    Please enlighten me.

    Thank you very much guys.

  138. It just raises hit rate. It also caps at a 40% buff (and a 40% debuff for skills like Bright Lights). The percentage is multiplicative, not additive. For example, the skill confuse has a 50% hit rate naturally. If you buff your accuracy by 40%, it will now have a 70% hit chance, not 90%.

  139. Yeah my name is appropiate for that! :D And your welcome Faith.

  140. I have been having second thoughts if I should replace Flutterpat with Mun Kee since Miscrit Rater suggested that he should turn out better because of random stats and with better buffs/debuffs.

    My brother argued that Flutterpat is better because of his Aerial Strike that never misses and Bright Lights that lowers the competitions accuracy and at level 1!

    Mun Kee or Flutterpat? Please tell me which is better and why. I need to know the pros and cons for me to be able to finalize my team as I have a Mun Kee now.

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

  141. I think Mun Kee is better personally. Both Miscrits have to deal with random stats though, ED for Flutterpat, and Health and Speed for Mun Kee. But, let's compare the stats if both got Max on their randoms.
    Mun Kee - Max, Max, Strong, Moderate, Moderate, Max
    Flutterpat - Moderate, Max, Max, Moderate, Moderate, Strong

    I think Mun Kee comes off better with one extra Max. As far as skills go, I think Deep Sleep is very powerful, and using High Focus with it is a great combination.

    There really isn't a huge difference in power between the two of them though, so I don't think you'd be disappointed no matter who you go with.

  142. Thank you very much Chris and Miscrit Rater.

    These guides you made are really helpful to newbies like me.

    +999 to you and your efforts.

  143. Hey Chris, do you mind rating my team?

    kang Fu/Dynamellow

    Just a thought, Should I dump my Dynamellow for another Lightning miscrit? In the Arena, the opponent always take double turns when fighting Dynamellow and it gets killed before even being able to attack! :( pls rate, thanks! :D

  144. I'm sorry to say this but that team isn't very good at all. Well first tell us what areas you have access to. If all of the areas get a DFP for FP. And I noticed you don't really use randoms. So Leggy for Glidengale. You now need two Phys. crits. Lightning crits aren't very good right now, so lets upgrade to powerfull earth crit. Personnaly I like Craggy with Sleep+Hyper Power. But Digsy is great too. And lastly if you like having two Natures on your team I would get a Grubbean. If you don't want two Natuures I would get a DF Or DP. Phew, that was long. Hope that helped! And thanks for the 999+ Faith. Oh and Chris who do you prefer? DF Or DP? I was thinking for a DF instead of my DP...

  145. Anon: I second Miscrit Raters advice. I would focus on replacing everything but the Fairyblossom first though, since that's the best Miscrit you have right now. I would replace them in this order, if possible: Bloomane, Glidengale, Dynamellow, then Fairyblossom. I would also suggest getting a DF or DP like he said, instead of two natures.

    Miscrits Rater: It really depends on the situation. DF is a more powerful attacker, but DP has a great skill list and a lot of flexibility. Personally, I like to have a Water Miscrit on all of my teams because there are so many powerful Fire Miscrits to worry about.

  146. a doubt plz.. one on my frend has a fostmite(which is now a abomino-level 30)... his frostmite wasnt gud,but now whn he battled me he is tough ,yet i cn defeat his abomino very easily wid my dark bloombug... bt i would say tht frostmite is above average... if nt, y ?

  147. Yeah lots of fire guys are running around like Igios and Blazebit. It's nice that he learns a 25 AP Water attack.

  148. Anon: Frostmite is widely considered one of the worst Miscrits in the game. It's only real advantage is Max EA, but it doesn't have the speed or defense to use it well. It also has a pretty boring skill list.

  149. please help me,
    im choosing between which miscrit to get. Snorkels or dark prawnja. I need a new water miscrit or a nature.
    these are my currently equipped miscrits. Are they good?
    Dark Afterburn

    I LOVE DEMOLASHER HE HAS MAX PD AND PA :) but ea weak :(

  150. hey Chris why is frostmite weekest if most of his attaks and defences moderate and max ea

  151. Anon: That'll be a great team once you get the Krakenhook replaced. I would suggest Snorkels or Wavesling for a Water Miscrit for your team. For Nature I would recommend DFP or Weevern.

    moe: If you read through the comments on here you can see several of my reasons for rating Frostmite so low. It's very widely considered one of the worst in the game. It just doesn't excel at anything, and it's not hard to kill. Moderate defenses aren't a good thing. It has no way to use its EA effectively because it lacks good defense or Speed.

  152. chris, can you tell me what dfp means, oh and is kelpa good

  153. Kelpa's only good if your randoms are good. I mean, if your Kelpa's got all Weak stats then of course it would be bad. But if it had 5 maxes and 1 weak ((speed) and that's very unlikely) then of course it'd be good. And DFP means Dark Flowerpiller.

  154. plzzz rate my team...dark prawnja,thundercracker,eggy and poltergust????

  155. which is better ???eggy or fosillia???

  156. which miscrit is stronger ,is it wavesling or prawnja or orcatide???

  157. fosillia is better than eggy

  158. I was actually disapointed when i saw that you put frostmite in Poor cause i have a lvl 30 Abomino and i say it is my strongest miscrit i pawned a lvl 30 dark prawnja using a physical move i only hit it twice to kill it. BTW I only have lvl 30 Abomino lvl 30 Anublaze lvl 30 Weevern

  159. Hello Chris. i really learned a lot in reading your write ups here about miscrits. may i ask if which do you prefer? expert or basic training? tnx

  160. i feel that snortus is a great water miscrit,it has lull which can cause sleep and i often use hyper power when the opponent is asleep.I actually used it to defeat the wind elementeum too.

  161. Anon: That's a solid team, a bit Physical heavy though.

    Anon: I prefer Wavesling, but a good Orcatide can be a beastly tank.

    Anon: Frostmite is widely regarded as one of the worst Miscrits in the game. Use Control+F to see some of the reasons. I also don't think it's remotely possible that you killed a level 30 DP with a Frostmite by using two of its weak Physical attacks, unless the DP was already almost dead.

    Anon: I'm glad I could help! :) I generally don't like expert training, but if you have the extra TP it can be worth it in some cases. Just make sure you use it on Miscrits that don't have a bunch of random stats (because you have no idea if they'll be any good in the first place). And try to use it on Miscrits that benefit from gains in almost every stat, like Leggy.

    Jon: Snortus is pretty cool, and it's one of my personal favorites. Lull is one of most interesting skills in the game.

  162. hey chris tnx for answering my question about expert and basic training. you saved my depleting TPs!:) i am now lvl 24 and my main miscrits are DFP, DF, snortus, and flue. all lvl 20 except flue which is 18. i haven't defeated the AIs in mount gemma yet and i dont know if i should make this team lvl 30 or should i train a separate team with with lightning, wind, and earth element to lvl 25. pls help me.. and more power to you. :)

  163. Hello chris !!I am anonymous one
    If I will replace my poltergust with munkee and my dark prawnja with ignios..Would it be better??
    this is my current team:dark prawnja poltergust eggy and thundercracker

  164. Actually i did kill a DP using my lvl 30 Frostmite because i dont lvl up normally like you guys i do the expert training which would make it stronger so believe me or not i did kill a few lvl 30 DP's

  165. wich is bettter cris
    wavesling or prawnja

  166. Hey Chris,my current team in Miscrits is Hanuphoon,Clobberilla,Leviafin and Clawmurai...
    Do you think it will be better if I replace Clawmurai with Ignios.Here are Clawmurai's Stats

  167. hi, i'm a newbie in miscrits and currently, holding the following team: streamlion, chimnay, flintback and floraphaunt. I'm planning to replace flintback with sparkslug and floraphaunt with equestrion, only waiting for the miscrits to evolve. it this a pretty good team to keep? thanks

  168. can anyone help i am lvl 21 in miscrits and i am keeping all my miscrits at lvl 16. is it a good choice? or should i train it to higher lvl?

  169. Hey Chris!

    Just asking, what of these six Miscrits would be the most suitable for a team? All Lv22

    I have Waterwip: Random stats are: Health 68, PD:53,
    Chimpanbreeze: Random stats are: Health 68, Speed: 45,
    Terraptor:Randoms: Health:64
    Praesul: Randoms: HP: 72, ED: 39, PD:58, SP:47
    Grimstone: HP 64, EA55 ED 39 PA 42 PD 53 SP 51

  170. plsssss rate my team!!!
    thundercracker,eggy,mun kee and ignios

  171. Hi Chris! Could you please help me on choosing??
    This is my team: clawmurai, wiquill, dark fairyblossom and gazaereal.
    Should I change clawmurai with: snorkels or dp?
    Should I change wiquill with ignios or dark flue?
    Thanks! :D

  172. Is orcatide strong or weak?

  173. Plssssssssssssss!!!!Rate my team

    kang Fu

  174. Anon: You can replace Clawmurai with DP if you want, Phy miscrits are slightly better. Snorkels is good if you get good randoms, but personally I dont't really like Snorkels' skill list.

  175. Neal Buena: Orcatide is strong when randoms are Max, but weak when randoms are weak. Its a good tank that can't deal much damage, but as far as I know spotting them in the arena is a confirmed loss for me. Your team is fine, Kang Fu should be replaced with Ignios or BB or DF, while Mallardon is pretty solid, but Snorkels is the obvious choice, Orcatide isn't too bad either, but it depends what skills you kept with Mallardon. (reccommended will be Sleep, confuse, debilitate and quack attack) Ongabonga is average, DFP and kelpa are better, but its fine. Eruptacus is obviously great. - Sparkplugged

  176. When does snorkels go to his location everyday?

  177. i think frostmite is good, not poor.

  178. i think hydroseal must be at least average.
    i have a lvl 24 eleflood and has some pretty powerful atacks, and im not only talking against fire misc but also against tanks like Moledozer

  179. Chris should i keep on training this Orcatide??
    Level 10
    Health 36
    Elemental Attack 23
    Elemental Defense 27
    Physical Attack 22
    Physical Defense 28
    Speed 21

  180. frostmite should be at least strong and snorkels should be strong. my abomino is actually really good, considering at its magical attack

  181. I think snortus's physical attack matches prawnja's physical defense....

  182. Chris i need ur advice. I have a lvl 30 prawnja and I got a dark prawnja what should I do?

  183. Is this team good?

    Dark Fairyblossom
    Dark Afterburn
    Dark Clawmurai

  184. Someone so i can rememberOctober 29, 2011 at 1:30 AM

    Hey chris.... can you please rate my snorkels? its lvl 12 and for me i think its pretty awesome...maybe you have some other things in mind about it? (any comment will help.. good or bad)
    SPEED-30 that i saw its stats i think it sucks xD

  185. Neal Buena: he's always at jagged treasure in the treasure chest. good luck!

    Anon 1: hydroseal has good ea, but its horrid defence doesn't help it to survive, and since most of the nature crits are elemental, it doesn't work that well.

  186. Anon 2: i'm not sure. if you're ood with randoms then go for it :)

    Anon 3: frostmite is a good ea attacker, but it has moderate defences, and its weak speed makes it worse. to top it off, it has a mediocre skill list.

    Anon 4: yep, its strong vs. strong.

    Gabe: you can train dp if you want, but if you don't have enough tps to raise it to 30 (releasing clawmurai, therefore you'll need 62tp) then its okay. clawmurai is fine though, it hits less hard, but still a solid tank and it's not hampered by speed.

  187. hi, im currently holding the following miscrits as my lead team with the following sequence (level 25):
    dark flowerpiller : H-22,EA-63,ED-40,PA-47,PD-39, s-63
    flutterpat : H-67,EA-68,ED-52,PA-40,PD-46, s-56
    thundercraker : H-67,EA-57,ED-58,PA-63,PD-39, s-65
    ignios : H-70,EA-69,ED-55,PA-33,PD-58, s-61

    Should i replace one with a snorkels? or is this a good team already?

  188. Hi Master chris could you rate my oractide lvl.18


  189. I did not get how to read it. Is it the First Miscrit to the bottom on each section? Example: Snorkels is above Dark Prawnja does that mean for each section thats how it will be?

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    you have beeeen warned

  191. Is my miscrit stats bad?

    lv 20 Dark Shellgun
    Elemental Attack-35
    Elemental Defense-36
    Physical Attack-47
    Physical Defense-44

    lv 20 Boltzee(Acrozap)
    Elemental Attack-50
    Elemental Defense-39
    Physical Attack-32
    Physical Defense-34

    lv 20 Dark Bloombug
    Elemental Attack-55
    Elemental Defense-37
    Physical Attack-32
    Physical Defense-30

    lv 20 Munkee
    Elemental Attack-55
    Elemental Defense-44
    Physical Attack-31
    Physical Defense-34

  192. please rate my Dark Prawnja its level is currently 30

    Health: 114
    Elemental Attack: 63
    Elemental Defense: 61
    Physical Attack: 76
    Physical Defense: 80
    Speed: 56

    it was expert trained

  193. Guy who hates Ang Yue FengNovember 29, 2011 at 2:51 AM


  194. someone's a hater here -_-