Monday, May 30, 2011

Dark Flue Review

Dark Flue is one of the most powerful Fire Miscrits available. Its Max Physical Attack coupled with Dark Mighty Bash make it the most powerful Physical attacker in the game. It also has Strong Health and Physical Defense, which makes it tough to take down. Blazebit often overshadows Dark Flue as the most powerful Fire Miscrit currently in the game, but Dark Flue can be a great addition to any team needing a strong Physical attacker. Try to keep it away from Water Miscrits with strong Elemental Attack, and be sure to use a Negate Element if you're ever forced into fighting one.

Dark Flue can only be found in the wild on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. It appears randomly in a certain area of the Miscrian Forest. Go to the second section, past where the first trainer was, and go straight down the path. When the path starts to turn to the east, continuing heading south and search in the tree stump, sunflower, bushes, and rocks. It is a rare Miscrit, so it may take several tries to find.

Health - Strong
Elemental Attack - Moderate
Elemental Defense - Moderate
Physical Attack - Max
Physical Defense - Strong
Speed - Moderate

Skill List
Level 1 - PowerUp - Raises your Physical and Elemental Attack by 5. Accuracy 100%.
Level 1 - Burn - A simple Fire attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 4 - Smack - A simple Physical attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 7 - Confuse - Make your opponent Confused so that they may attack themselves. Last for 2 turns. Accuracy 50%.
Level 10 - Dark Fire Flight - An average dark Fire attack . Attack Power 11, Accuracy 95%.
Level 13 - Tickle - Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 8. Accuracy 95%.
Level 16 - Bash - A powerful Physical attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 19 - Campfire - A very powerful Fire attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 22 - Debilitate - Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 11. Accuracy 95%.
Level 25 - Brimstone - A very powerful Fire attack. Attack Power 20, Accuracy 90%.
Level 28 - Body Blocker - Raises your Physical Defense by 13. Accuracy 90%.
Level 30 - Dark Mighty Bash - A massively powerful dark Physical Attack. Attack Power 27, Accuracy 90%.

Recommended Level 30 Skills
Dark Mighty Bash
Body Blocker or Brimstone

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  1. i found one with the first try

  2. That's awesome! Congrats. :D

  3. Chris, my current level 30 miscrits are sparkupine, ignios, mumbah and ignios have moderate health and ED (so sad), and my thundercracker have moderate speed (which sucks!), all im asking what miscrits should i replace them? as of now here are some of my rare miscrits that are waiting to leveled up.. munkee, digsy, fossillia, DF, DFP, DP, Beelzebug, luna, poltergust.. i mean i read ur blog that u suggested a best team. u mentioned to have a munkee, ignios, 1 of the excellent earth crits and snorkels or doin my best to catch a kelpa or snorkels to create a solid team that u mentioned..but as of now, with my crits, please help me create a monster lvl 30 team..thanks!

  4. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 15, 2011 at 5:07 AM

    Naw, you don't need rares like those for a good team. Use your Dark miscrits. They are undoubtly one of the most powerful ever miscrits in the game that does not deal with random stats. Not that the rest are bad :P Use your Digsy over Mumbah. Digsy is definitely beastly, no doubt about that. Mun Kee is powerful too. Your Thundercracker should do fine. If you wouldn't mind, I'd suggest: DFP, Ignios, Digsy, and one of the following: Snorkels, Poltergust, Thundercracker, Mun Kee, Dark Prawnja, Flutterpat, Grubbean n Kelpa (if you don't mind double natures), Blazebit etc..

    P.S This team is familiar. Sorry if you are not anyway but are you Pax.PH?

  5. Can you rate my dark firebrawl(lvl 26)



  6. why i cant find a dark flue:((((

  7. rate my lvl 5 dark flue please comment .... please
    is it good or i should change it ??

  8. I'm level 37 with level 30 miscrits which are afterburn, hanuphooon, demolasher, and clobberilla. I have defeated the nature, earth and wind elementum, i cannot go to Volcano Island, so i spend lots of time in the battle arena and completing feats. Am i doing the right thing, if not what is the best thing to level up or get tp

  9. dude!why i'm having a hard time finding my blazebit...can you give me a hint for that dude?

  10. i found it. after 196 trys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Can you rate my dark after burn

  12. hi brother i have fennie at lvl 25 afterburn and zephyrgeist .............and dis is the list of rare miscrits ignios, blazebit, thundercracker, dark fleu, kelpa and dark flowerpillar ............ m confused whm to train first
    and i have pawthorne 22 lvl, eleflod 20 and fintaur so shud i release dem to train the above mentioned miscrit ...........i want ur expert advice rly ASAP :)

  13. OMG GUYS!!!!!! I'm so lucky after the arena I have a reserve pet Dark Prawnja and used it for hunting. I found a Dark Flue today and it used Confuse against my Dark Prawnja. I have incredibly bad luck on that and my Dark Prawnja used Dark Clamp on the Dark Flue. Just when I thought it was over, Dark Clamp MISSEDDD!!!! OMG I'm so happy!! And managed to capture the Dark Flue.

  14. Neal Buena:
    Its pretty average for a Dark Afterburn. 5/10

    I'd suggest release Pawthorne, and Eleflood, they just aren't good. If you want Fintaur you may keep it (I'd like a water miscrit on my team since there are a lot of Fire guys running around), but I'll suggest replacing it with Dark Prawnja or a good Snorkels. So yeah, release them to train the rare miscrits above. I wouldn't bother for Thundercracker, because it dies easily to Phys. Attackers, but if you want him to deal with all the Wind miscrits, you may train him. Zephyrgeist may do fine, but if you're looking for a good Wnd miscrit, lookout for Leggy, Munkee or Flutterpat. Fennie is allround good (assuming her ED is good).

    So train (1st)
    Ignios/blazebit (whichever is better)
    Dark Flue (if ignios, blazebit is bad)
    Dark Flowerpiller (if kelpa is bad)
    Zephyrgeist (replace this if you can)

    So you have Fire, Nature, Wind and Earth on your team. Your other pets can be used for another team :DDD

    OMG really you're so lucky! I once found a DFP, my Dark Flue used Brimstone and killed it :((((. I have to go another 5 trips to the Dead tree to find another. :(((( I hate when that happens!!!

  15. please someone rate my dark afterburn expert trained it all the way to level 30.
    Health 108
    EA 51
    ED 47
    PA 85
    PD 75
    SP 50
    Thank You

  16. Solid HP and Physical stats. ED and SP is a little lower than I like to see though. 9/10

  17. I got one on my second try. c:

  18. ignios lvl 30 move reaping flame can affect 30 to 35 health points of dark flue but dark flue lvl 30 move can affect 30 to 35 health points of ignios but ..... there is an advantage to dark flue and ignios too- dark flue's health is more so it can withstand more attacks than ignios but ignios's speed is more than dark flue's so it can get the opportunity to attack first
    So , both miscrits are strong and weak against each other and other miscrits

  19. Who Are AMONG!! excellent among battles ?? Guixt..
    Ignious or blazebit?

    help.. me!! and friend me on fb tnx ..
    i have 7 evovolve to max!! .. pls.. reply me!!

  20. Hey i Dare anyone to challange me (SK ONLY) tell me if you want to...

  21. hey i have a hard time finding the dark flue can somebody help me

  22. plss help me how to catch dark flue easy

  23. can you rate me lvl 15 dark chimnay please?
    his stats are:

  24. what about light blazbit

  25. i found treemur when searching for dark flue on friday... .D

  26. you get light blazebit at the volcano after killing all 6 elementums