Monday, May 23, 2011

The First Player-Inspired Miscrits Contest: Round 2

If you haven't already, cast your vote for the second round of the contest! The top 3 will advance to the next round, and the eventual winner will be used to create a new Miscrit to be added to the game. You can find the voting topic here:!!

Arachnishock and Renshou were eliminated after round 1, but congratulations for making it into the contest! I still think Arachnishock was one of the coolest, and both ideas were creative and original. Once again, I voted for Kaze. I'm starting to seriously doubt that anyone can challenge Ignios to win the contest, and it's pretty much a lock for the finals. I still hope that the developers add more than one of these concepts to the game. 


  1. Ignios got a lot of airtime before the contest began, which is why it's doing so well right now.
    I read the name Ignios at least two weeks before the final eight were announced, and people wanted to vote for him/her.

  2. That explains why it's dominating the contest so well. I'm sure the awesome art doesn't hurt either. :)

    Perhaps that's the key to winning the next Player-Inspired Miscrits Contest: good marketing.

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