Saturday, August 6, 2011

Water Miscrit Rankings

Author: Darren Lee

In this series of posts, I'm going to highlight some of the best and worst Miscrits in the game, and why they are so good or bad. Hopefully this will help you with your teams. I'll rank the Miscrits from best to worst in each element, and give details to each Miscrit such as what kind of Miscrit it is (tanker, nuker, etc.) Oh yeah, and I'm not going to bother with the starter Miscrits (Flue, Flowerpiller, and Prawnja), since their dark versions are pretty much the same... but better. And one last thing, I'm not including Volcano Island Miscrits in here, like Slithero, Rockodile, Shroomer, and Scorcero because they're still largely unknown.

Water Miscrits

1. Snorkels

Okay, don't get me wrong, because I think Dark Prawnja is probably just as good as Snorkels, but I still like Snorkels more (probably because of looks). As a fast Elemental attacker, and with good luck with Physical Defense and Health, it can be the best of the current Water Miscrits. Best at level 10 (with Poison), level 22, and level 30. My Snorkels ended up with great Physical Defense and good Health, and I'm pretty happy with it.

2. Dark Prawnja
A strong Physical fighter with max Health, it's one of the best Miscrits around. With Sleep, Acid Rain, Overwater, a 25 AP attack at level 28, and a 27 AP attack, Dark Prawnja has one of the best skill sets of any Miscrit. Probably a tie with Snorkels for best Water Miscrit.

3. Orcatide
With luck, it's the best tanker in the game, with max Health and strong defenses. My first Orcatide had pretty weak defenses, so I wasn't too happy.

4. Wavesling
A strong Elemental Miscrit with strong Health as well, it's a great Miscrit to have. With Overwater and Sludge, it's very good.

5. Snortus
A great Physical Miscrit with great skills, it's pretty darn strong. With Confuse, 2 25 AP attacks, and Lull -which is one of my favorite skills - it is very strong.

6. Hydroseal
Don't get me wrong, it has terrible defense, but for a nuker, it's not that bad - especially since it's fast. To be honest, it's actually pretty good at levels 10, 19, 22, and 30.

7. Squibee
A really average Elemental Miscrit, with Toxic, Sleep, and good buffs and debuffs.

8. Shellbee
Pretty much the exact same thing as Squibee, but with weak Speed.

9. Waddles
The exact same thing as Shellbee... except it has Confuse instead of Acid Rain... and it's kind of rare.

10. Nessy
An Elemental Miscrit just like Squibee, Shellbee, and Waddles, but with bad Physical Defense and no Poison skills. Probably the only special thing about it is its level 10 skill Soak, which raises its Elemental Attack by 1 each time it's used.

11. Frostmite
A slow Miscrit with good Elemental power. Nothing great about it except for Overwater. It's pretty easy to kill even so though.

Look for the next part of Darren's Miscrit Rankings soon! Please feel free to comment below, and if you're interested in writing your own guest post just message me on Facebook:


  1. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 6, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    Kewl. Although in all honesty, I'd rate Orcatide behind Wavesling. It does have Venom, Unbreakable, Merciless, ect. but it can't deal much damage. Perhaps I'd rate it where you rated him if he still had his strong PA before the admins nerfed him.

  2. Yeah... orcatide and wavesling are both good, and it's hard to decide which is better, especially with the random stats, it's unpredictable.
    But I'm pretty proud of my [second] orcatide (lvl 14). It has beast health, and strong defenses. Even DFP can't take more than half of its health away in one shot. And I find that feebler helps a lot at that level for it as well. And something completely unrelated, I fought this orcatide with 39 health at level 14 the other day, and it was pretty scary, because that's considered moderately-low for the level - when orcatides are supposed to have max health. o.0
    Wavesling, also has strong/max health, but is a little slower, and more elemental based. Be careful with physical miscrits that can take a bite of it though. I haven't trained my wavesling yet, so I haven't had any experiences with it yet.

    But thanks for the comment Leggy guy :) I guess either could be better depending on the situation.

  3. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 6, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    It all comes down to situations I suppose. A thundercracker who does pretty well way end up defeated in the hands of Dark Afterburn. :)

    Still I'd rate Waddles above Shellbee or Squibee in most cases for a level 30 match. Basically like I mentioned before, with luck you can land a confuse, use debilitate, then land a sleep, debilitate once more, than finally strike with Quack Attack. Still I'd rather choose a Squibee than Shellbee, their level 30 skills are pretty much nearly the same, not to mention that Squibee is faster than Shellbee and has the same stats.

    P.S Can I add you on FB for miscrits?

  4. Since there is no random questions post, I'll just post on the most recent entry. So I finally decided that I want to level up some of my level 13 crits in order to finish off the forest (I was just keeping all of my crits at 13 so that I could dominate in the Arena). What crits would you recommend for a let's say level 16 team? I AT every miscrit. I currently have Waddles, DP, DFP, DF, Drilldent, Fossilia, Elefauna, Hotfoot and Lumera all at Level 13, an Eggy at Level 10, and various level 1s (Echino, Orcatide, Blazertooth, Tulipinny, Weevern, etc.), and 39 TP to spend. Let me know what you think! Sorry for they long (and misplaced) post. Thank you!

  5. @ leggy guy:
    Thanks for the comments :) I enjoy them all... btw, my level 10 thundercracker DOMINATES >:) - add me if you want to :) (ps. may i ask your name?)

    @ anonymous:
    Yeah, keeping a larger amount of miscrits at a lower level is a good idea for the batter arena.
    Okay, I'll start with your level 13 and level 10 miscrits. Dark miscrits are generally good at all levels, but Dark Prawnja and Dark Flue are real good at level 16. I wouldn't train hotfoot and lumera any further, because they are best at level 10, and I wouldn't waste TPs on waddles. It's up to you on what to do with elefauna, I don't think it's that bad at any level. Drilldent is better at levels 10, 19, and 25+, not particularly level 16. Fossilia is a good miscrit overall, but best at level 13 and 30. Eggy, out of the three is probably best at level 16.
    Now, out of the level 1 miscrits that you have mentioned, weevern is by far the strongest in the level 10-16 range, with a 10 AP elemental attack, toxic, and rejuvenate.
    Sorry about the long post so far... I like to type out what I think about each one individually as I go :P But I'll just get straight to the point. The best miscrits at level 16 are: Jellyshock, Dark Prawnja, Dark Flue, Grubbean, Weevern, and Eggy. Jellyshock is arguably the best at the level due to its "sock" skill, a 10 AP physical move with a chance to confuse. Of course, there are other good miscrits at this level, but these 6 are the best.
    Now, about good miscrits to level in general, in case you have extra TP and you want to use them, here are some of the best miscrits in my opinion: Mun Kee, Flutterpat, Leggy, Thundercracker, Drilldent, Fosillia, Eggy, Digsy, Snorkels, Dark Prawnja, Blazebit, Dark Flue, Ignios, Dark Flowerpiller, and Kelpa.


    Btw, here's a great guide for you by Quy Pham, about the Strongest Strength of Each Miscrit at a Specific Level.

  7. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 8, 2011 at 12:06 AM

    Hey, you forgot Digsy DOMINATES with his Shields Up+ Double Edged combo at level 16! :( I ALWAYS dominate with my Digsy, he's just too aweshum especially with how I lucked out and got Max defenses and Max PA :O

    Erm... I think I'd just message you in the FB request. Basically (I'm not requesting you to but) what I want is Virtue and Gems, though basically I add as teammate so I can gift Virtue and get Gems :D

  8. yeah lol ok sure :P

  9. I actually like the long response. I understand the reasoning rather than just seeing the answers without any support. Would you recommend that I release any of my crappy miscrits?

  10. What miscrits would you recommend for the last trainer in the Miscrian Forest?

  11. That depends on what Water Miscrits you have access to. Snortus is the best in the forest before the last trainer, but it doesn't have very good EA. The trainer isn't too hard though, just use a few defensive potions on your strongest Miscrit and you'll be good. He can be beaten with one level 19 Miscrit pretty easily. :)

  12. Ok cool, good to know (by the way, I am the anonymous from before). I've tried going at him with level 15's but that hasn't gone so hot to say the least... Darren was very helpful with a level 16 crew, but would that same group be a good one to continue leveling? Also, random question, but the Mun Kee that I won in the Arena looks like it has Max HP but weak or mod Speed... do you think I should continue to level it? It's at level 7 now, and it's stats are HP 29, EA 22, ED 21, PA 15, PD 17, Sd 13

  13. The Miscrits he mentioned as the best at level 16 would all be good to continue leveling. I would take the Mun Kee to level 10 at least. The Health is definitely looking good, and the Speed may pick up some.

  14. Mun Lee: HP: 33 EA: 29 ED: 28 PA: 19 PD: 22 Speed: 18. Kinda sucks now...

  15. Dang, only 4 Health in 3 levels? At least the ED is good. :P

  16. yeah really... I went from getting +4 HP per level to +1

  17. Jeez I know right? Happens to me a lot too. :P

    About that last Miscrian Forest trainer, I don't remember what miscrits he has, but I might still be able to help you a little.

    AIs (or computers/artificial intelligence), are the easiest to defeat. You can beat them even with miscrits several levels below them. The most important thing to remember is that they aren't able to switch their miscrits out to match your weakness. So if they have a fire miscrit out, and you switch to a water miscrit, the computer can't switch the fire miscrit out for a nature.

    Another tip is to first figure out what miscrits the trainer is carrying, and that can give you an advantage. If you know, for example, that the trainer's first miscrit is a snortus, then when you fight him, take your best nature miscrit and put it in the front of your team.

  18. He has (if I remember correctly) a lvl 23 Tulipinny, Nelly... Fire and Nature hahaha

  19. Okay, well, I would go with a fire miscrit, then a nature miscrit, then a water miscrit, and another fire miscrit. Just to get an elemental advantage.

  20. Yeah that's what I've been doing, but my crits are still struggling with the level difference... at least I'm 61-2 in the Arena for this week so far :D btw should I keep that Mun Kee, or should I trash it?

  21. Definetely keep it dude, even if you already have one, do you know how rare and powerful (mostly hat higher levels) they are?

    I already have a mun kee, and it's the result of 2 hours of searching. :/ I'd keep a second one just in case my level 11 mun kee turns out bad.

  22. I only have one right now... I need to level my teams before I even think about try to search for him

  23. Well, I don't mean get a second one... I'm just saying that mun kees are probably one of the best miscrits at higher levels, especially level 30.

  24. I have cubsprout, prawnja, sparkupine and flutterpat at level 28. Do u think using them to defeat the last trainer of mount gemma or the second trainer of sunfall shores is a bit easier? Since they all had level 30 miscrits and they are currently my strongest miscrits, so......any advice? Who to beat first and how to beat? I will appreciate very much.

  25. The Mount Gemma trainer may be a little easier. You can beat either of them with enough potions though. What I do is try to kill as many of their Miscrits as I can, until I'm down to my last (and usually strongest) Miscrit. Then, if they still have a couple of Miscrits left I just use a few defensive potions and use heals as needed.

  26. i beat the last mount gemma trainer in my first try! i used 3 epic heals and 1 epic defience.i think i will defeat the second trainer when i had level 30 miscrits:) thx by the way!

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Guy who asked about lvl 22 mun kee beforeAugust 26, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    Could you please rate my Snorkels? It's still lvl 10 but i want to have an idea of how strong its stats are compared to others. Health:39 EA: 25 ED:20 PA:19 PD:23 SPD:26

  29. It's fairly average. The Health is decent, and PD isn't too bad. EA is a little lower than I like to see though.

  30. FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE UNSURE OF WETHER TO GET SNORKELS OR DARK PRAWNJA, GET FUCKING DARK PRAWNJA!!!!! I HAVE BOTH OF EM AT LVL 30 AND DARK PRAWNJA OWNS!!!!! i have both moderates for my snorkels on the randoms. snorkels is a good attacker but lacks defence, prawnja is FUCKING TANK!! he may not attack as good as snorkels, but he will own with the level 30 move dark dlamp or someshit. prawnjas are build for a physical attacker. dark clamp offers physical damage of 27 and arguable the best miscrit with a balanced ratio between defence and attack.

  31. I got a Squalrus lv 30
    HP 97
    ele atk 94
    phy atk 87
    ele def 50
    phy def 57
    speed 67
    pls rate

  32. enchanted squalrus, 9/10, normal speed. if not enchanted, i think 10000/100 XDDD
    with gdluck on randoms, snorkels is best, and it has good looks, so it should be on first.

    with gdluck:

    snorkel's stats
    hp: max
    ea: strong
    ed: mod
    pa: mod
    pd: max
    sp: strong

    dp's stats
    hp: max
    ea: mod
    ed: mod
    pa: strong
    pd: strong
    sp: weak

    so snorkels has advantage.when dp encounter dfp it becomes a dead lifeless prawn.

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  34. evry body says snorkels is better but dark prawnja is the man he defeated a weevern and squalrus and in one battle he also defeted snorkels and sorry about the spellings

  35. pl help i hav a eraptacas and a a leggy and a dark afterburn and a wevevrn and a digsy and a luna so which will i take pl help

  36. Flutterpat lvl 1 stats
    Health 13
    Speed 7
    Elemental attack: 8
    Physical attack 7
    Elemental def 8
    Physical def 8

    is this bad or good????

  37. I think Squibee is great. He's especially useful on level 30 with Tentacle Tide and replenishes 10 health if you enchant it and it has good buffs and debuffs. Squibee surely would be great to have on your team.

  38. Arjun, you should obviously take the Eruptacus, because it's the evolution 4 of Blazebit.