Friday, June 3, 2011

Who are the best Earth Miscrits?

Ever find yourself wondering which Earth Miscrits are the most powerful? Here's a breakdown of which ones are the best. I'll be using a 5 star system. The ratings represent the maximum potential of the Miscrit. Not all Miscrits will be as strong as they can, particularly the ones with Random stat rolls. Some Miscrits are stronger in certain battles or on certain teams; this list attempts to take a broad view and does not account for all situations.

This list is completely my opinion, and some may disagree with the ratings I assign. If you have a compelling reason why I've under or over rated a Miscrit, please post it in the comments section. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Detailed reviews complete with stats, skills, and recommended level 30 skills are available for some of the Miscrits listed here. Just click their name to be taken to the review post.

* - Poor

** - Below Average

*** - Average

**** - Above Average

***** - Excellent

Thanks for reading, and check back often for more helpful information about the game!


  1. Put hippoke in there as excellent too...

    1. yes you are right

    2. yeah yeah u are not right hah hippoke is not a good one i bought it with 300 gems but i think i kind of wasted my gems on it.It's defence is so weak and it's ealth too.I think eggy and craagy are the best among every earth miscrits.cuz i have both lvl 30 and are so good.Roclodon is the best one and Mineram is little after it.

    3. Is DARK EGGY are gooder than eggy? I have D.E lvl30

    4. Hoopty and Gemix are good right.

  2. I dun really think Hippoke is good....

  3. I haven't had a chance to use Hippoke yet, but my guess is that it will fall in average. It has good stats and some interesting skills, but it is definitely difficult to use and lacking in the offensive area.

  4. according to me hippoke is cool
    and great skills are with him

  5. It does have some pretty interesting skills. And I agree that it's cool. I think it's one of the coolest looking Miscrits.

  6. So which miscrits are on your team?

  7. That depends on which team you want to know about. :P I have 5 level 30s right now: Fossillia, Weevern, Wavesling, Blazebit, and Ignios. The first four were my original level 30 team, but I've been using Ignios in Blazebit's place lately.

    I also have 5 20s and many level 10s (more than I can remember right now lol). I like sampling different Miscrits so I level them to 10 to test in the Battle Arena.

    I'm going to be making a new level 30 team soon. It will consist of the Blazebit mentioned above, Digsy, Leggy, and I'm still debating on the fourth member.

  8. Please make a Drilldent Review so I can know why it's excellent.

  9. Okay, I'll try to get one posted tomorrow. :)

  10. Thanks!~Is it up yet???

  11. If you dont have time you can just tell me why it's excellent inn the comments.

  12. Hippoke is cool but his last spell is a phisycal attack with 30 damage and hippoke has more elemental attack than phisycal.

  13. I've got the review posted now. I've been meaning to do a review of Drilldent for a while anyway. Just comment on the review if you still have any questions about it.

    And yeah, Hippoke is a very unique Miscrit. It's definitely one of the more difficult to use because of the way its skills are set up.

  14. but it is kinda hard to take down my after burn needa 3 hit kill him

  15. Yeah, Hippoke has pretty good stats, it's just difficult to use offensively because of the skills it learns.

  16. Hippoke is not very good as I see it.

    His best EA Skill is only 15 damage (Stalactites) And Stone horn (20 damage, 55% hit rate) Misses just about every other turn. He also does not have the PA to back up its Mace Tail move (30 damage 80%), and it's health can rarely help it much (Wind miscrits can take out like half his HP with one hit). Overall he would be Average I think.

    Mumbah and Croaky have the potential to be Above Average, as they are the only Few worthy Earth Elemental attackers. Both also have 2 25AP skills (Except Mumbah with 21 Earth damage "Pharoah's Revenge" but it has confuse chance), and can actually resist much damage from wind miscrits (The only wind crit with PA is Poltergust, whose final PA move is 20 damage Overwhelm).

  17. Do you think Equestrion is a good crit to put on my main team?

  18. I'm not sure what your main team consists of, so it's hard to tell. Equestrion is a pretty good Miscrit though. It's a pretty decent tank with some nice skills. High Focus and Lullaby Wind is a good combo. It also has Unbreakable and Merlin's Beard, two very good buffs.

  19. my main team there's Drillent, Equestrion, Thundercracker and Flue. I'm thinking of switching Flue for Dark Prawnja though.

  20. Equestrion fits pretty well in your current team. I would suggest replacing your Flue with an Elemental oriented Miscrit though. Drilldent and Thundercracker are both Physical attackers (for the most part) and while Equestrion is Elemental, it isn't very powerful offensively. A few suggestions: Snorkels, Wavesling, Ignios, Blazebit, or Dark Plowerpiller. There are a lot of other options, those are just some of the best. Depending on your TC's Speed, you may want to pick a faster Miscrit like DFP to capitalize on double turns.

  21. should I switch Flue with DFP instead of DP?

  22. It would help balance your team out more.

  23. Alright, thanks. I'm going to train it now. Should I release Flue?

  24. If you need the TP for it you could. You could always use it for a second team though; it's still a pretty good Miscrit.

  25. you think I should use Mun Kee or DFP?

  26. You could switch Equestrion for Mun Kee, but it's best to use four different elements on your team. Mun Kee is better than DFP though, as long as you get good rolls on the randoms.

  27. I can't seem to find Mun Kee though....:P

  28. Can you post a review for Eggy plz?

  29. Mun Kee is one of the hardest to find. I'll try to get a review of Eggy posted eventually, but there a few Miscrits in line before it. Eggy isn't much different than Fossillia though, just with a couple of skill differences, random Health instead of Max, and Moderate Speed instead of Weak.

  30. lol i found mun-kee after like 40 trys :P but it is sooo worth it :D

  31. Yeah, it's definitely worth the effort. Mun Kee is one of the best Miscrits available right now.

  32. Yeah it is! I usually only battle with him at the arena :P His lvl 30 moves are cool breeze, High Focus, Zen Zephyr and deep sleep :)

  33. Okay, can you please rate my team now? DFP, Equestrion, Drilldent and Thudercracker. Thanks for the help.

  34. That's a pretty well balanced team. I would give it a 9/10.

  35. OMG!! my hippoke learns stone horn which does 20 damage in level 10!

    high focus+lullaby wind good combination?? if i had known earlier, i should not let my equestrion forget high focus...

  36. Yes, High Focus and Lullaby Wind is a great combo. I need to make a review of Equestrion to help people with that.

  37. which is the best among the excillents/?

  38. Fossillia is my favorite personally, but it's hard to say. I've seen a lot of debate about which of those 4 is better.

  39. ohh cause i hav a drilldent of 1 lvlv. i dont want to risk my training points on him

  40. Drilldent is a great Miscrit. If you do decide to level it some I don't think you'd regret it. :)

  41. Can u rate my hippoke please? It is level 10.


    sorry for asking u so much :P

  42. It's pretty average for a Hippoke. Most Miscrits that don't have random stats look pretty average at level 10. You don't start to see a lot of deviation until higher levels, once there's been time for the slight randomness of non-random stats to have an effect. 5/10

  43. i hav both, digsy, and drildent, so which 1 do u think i should lvl up?

  44. The're both great, it depends on what you're looking for. Drilldent is a little better with PD, and Digsy is better with ED. It depends on which would fit better in your team. Take a look at my reviews of both of them and see which one you think you would like more.

  45. Hi Chris,your blog is great really helps players who have just started playing Miscrits.

    I am at level 18 right now and would like to know what Miscrits i should be upgrading.
    I have ::
    Flameling(lvl 25,a mistake to lvl him that high)
    Drilldent(lvl 20,love this one)
    Snortus(lvl 18)
    Hotfoot(lvl 16)
    Equestrion(lvl 10)
    Dark flowerpiller(lvl 1)
    Waddles(lvl 1) and other level 1

    Equestrion has both good defense but it doesn't do any damage,it's like elefauna i guess.Should i level him further to 30??
    And should i release Hotfoot?Should Snortus be leveled any further? Thanks!!

  46. You're right on about Flameling, but don't feel bad, I did the same thing when I first started. Drilldent, as you've noticed, is great. I would definitely recommend leveling it more. Snortus is pretty good, and one of the better Miscrits that you listed. For a Water Miscrit I would recommend Snrokels, Dark Prawnja, or Wavesling once you have access to them. But Snortus will do you just fine until then. Hotfoot isn't anything special, and really isn't any better than Flameling. Equestrion is a really good Miscrit at later levels, but it's very buff-based and a little bit difficult to use if you're new to the game. Dark Flowerpiller is great, I would highly recommend leveling it. Waddles isn't anything special; I prefer Snortus personally.

    You may want to wait on leveling Equestrion until you know if you want a buff heavy Miscrit that's a little complex. You could release Hotfoot if you need the TP, that's entirely up to you. I wouldn't recommend leveling it much though. You could level Snortus higher if you like it. It isn't a bad Miscrit.

    One other piece of advice: try getting some of your Miscrits to the same level so that you can use them in the Battle Arena. There are some great prizes you can win. For example, you could try to get 3 other Miscrits to level 20 and make a team with Drilldent. Or you could try making a level 10 team since it doesn't take nearly as much TP.

  47. Guy who asked bout LeggyJuly 29, 2011 at 3:59 AM

    I have a level 30 Flameling (Infernus) Was pretty much the fire miscrit I thought was best then, till I won a Blazebit form Arena. Still my Flameling was only a Fyrin then, I still trained him nonetheless. He doesn't have much potential to do well in Arena, yet with it's Fire Dance, Unbreakable, Debilitate and Firewater I find it especially devastating when hunting rares. Like 2 Debilitates + Wicked Flames accidentally killed the Equestrion I wanted for the Collector. Had to find another lol.

    About Hippoke. He is a beast at level 10 once Stone Horn hits. And Mace tail is devastating as well. However he is pretty much the worse of all Earth miscrits in my opinion, Stalactites being the best possible Earth Attack he EVER learns (Stone Horn does more damage but misses way too often), making his only asset hi Mace Tail. But his having Strong EA makes him the opposite of Snatcher: Snatcher can kill Elemental based miscrits without PD while taking little damage from Elemental attacks, Hippoke deals Elemental Damage while resisting Physical damage. However Snatcher has Venom, making him better than Hippoke in some way. Pretty disappointed with him, really. He looked really cool before his stats were out and I really wanted him. After seeing his stats and skills I was glad I used more effort winning Digsy than Hippoke.

    Mumbah VS Croaky. Debated this for a while. Both are really great and Croaky seriously tanks wind damage with Max ED. But mumbah has Recompose + Unbreakable Combo so Last time I got frustrated with thinking who was better I trained Drilldent to level 30 and was happy with it. I can use some advice on the Mumbah VS Croaky thing.

  48. Mumbah VS Croaky...well the Recompose + Unbreakable combo is really cool, but it kinda takes the fun out of the game because it's not exactly a strategy, and poison attacks do the same about of damage despite buffs. So all you have to do is poison it and take it out with a physical miscrit. Level 30 Sparkupines are just perfect for the job. Venom + Needle Rifle (I think its called that anyway lol)+ strong PA. Pharaoh's revenge has lower AP than most level 30 moves, and with a really bad chance to confuse. (For me anyway). Another strategy is to force your opponent to switch their Mumbah out. So I guess Mumbah is good only when facing a simple-minded opponent with no strategy. Not many of those running around the B.A. 5/10 in my opinion. Tell me if you think it's under/over rated.

    Okay, time to take a break from Mumbah. Croaky now. Yeah, it does tank wind damage, like...seriously. XD. But lightning miscrits usually have higher ED than PD, with the exception of Kiloray, Jellyshock and Arigato, which kinda makes the Strong EA not too useful. But there's only one physical based wind miscrit: Poltergust. So that means wind miscrits are out of the question...with the exception of Poltergust, of course, but he's rare. However, earth miscrits are mainly physical based. Guys like Drilldent, Digsy and Fosillia can kill it easily. But Croaky can deal a bit of damage to Drilldent and Fosillia due to their Mod ED. 7/10 for Croaky.

    P.S: I'm not good at rating lol. Just at looking at stats and skills, so I'd love to hear your opinion :D

  49. Thanks so much Chris. So i would be leveling my Drilldent further and Dark Flowerpiller till i get access to Sunfall Shores.
    Will be releasing Hotfoot later and maybe learn how to use Equestrion!

  50. Leggy Guy: I’ve been wondering if I should downgrade Hippoke’s rating to Below Average. What do you think? I would love to hear more opinions about Hippoke if anyone has anything to add.

    Nicole: That’s a great assessment of Mumbah and Croaky. I agree completely. I would suggest Croaky over Mumbah for the same reason you said: Mumbah is only really effective against opponents with no concept of strategy.

    Aashka: You’re welcome! Drilldent and DFP are both great, and I think you’ll be happy with them. :)

  51. Hi Chris
    I Have 12 wins currently and looking forward to getting 20 to get Eggy but is he worth trainig I Already have drilldent but at level 1 which shall i train?? and also can you please make a review of him?

  52. hey like the poster above i just got an eggy. should i switch him for my drilldent i have at lv 24
    thanks again.i was the same who asked about switch my poltergust btw.

  53. Eggy is a great Miscrit, particularly if it gets good Health. Which one is better to train depends on what level you plan on using it at. I do plan on making a review of Eggy, it's on my short list. :)

    I wouldn't bother to switch Eggy for Drilldent. Even if the Health comes out amazing, it isn't much better than Drilldent (or at all, depending on the situation), and not worth the TP loss in my opinion.

  54. So shall i train eggy to level 10 andd see if the health is good?
    Thanks Chris

  55. I wouldn't use it at level 10, since it doesn't have a strong Physical attack. But if you're planning on leveling it further, then I would suggest checking the Health at 10 first. Of course, you still have the risk of the Health not going well in later levels.

  56. ok Chris but lol i just got a fossilia while battling at the shack for xp so should i train eggy and fossilia to 10 and see which i prefer and if eggy had good health sorry if i am asking too much

  57. Neither of them is particularly good at level 10. You probably won't be able to tell much of a difference, unless Eggy has bad Health. I would suggest just picking the one think you'll like more based on their skills and appearance. If you prefer Eggy, then take it to 10 and see how the Health is. If it's bad, then just level the Fossillia. Personally, I prefer Fossillia because I don't care to deal with the random Health.

  58. well these are my eggy stats at level 10. mind telling me its good or not?

  59. Drilldent is a beast at level 30.Never switch it for any other miscrit.
    I am at level 23 and don't have all the miscrits leveled to 30 but still i'm able to win level 30 battle arenas.Drilldent takes out 2 n half of the opponents' miscrits!!There would be times when the elemental factor comes into picture but that would be for just 10% of the times.Most people bring nature,fire,water element miscrits.
    In my opinion Drilldent is a must have for battle arenas.

  60. Can you rate my eggy level 20?
    Health: 55
    EA: 34
    ED: 37
    PA: 57
    PD: 49
    Speed: 34

    How is his health?

  61. Anon: That's a good Eggy. The Health isn't bad and the PA and PD both look really good.

    Nerashriun: The Health is pretty much Moderate. PA and PD are both looking good though. 8/10

  62. is mumbah a good miscrit cuz for me i think its skills are pretty good. :)

  63. with its last 4 skills :)

  64. It isn't bad, just don't over rely on the Recompose/Unbreakable strategy. Most experienced players know how to counter it easily since it's been overused so much.

  65. Poison and physical attacks, since poison isn't affected by defense buffs. Thanks to Mumbah, I have to carry at least 2 crits with poison.

  66. is this a good team? Dark Flue, Dark Flowerpiller, Mun Kee and Eggy all lvl 30

  67. Yeah, that looks like a great team Sashya!

  68. I have a team of d.flue d.flowerpiller munkee and eggy. shall i replace them with my new beelzebug i got today?

  69. You have a really solid team there. I don't think you need to replace any of them, but you could always use Beezlebug for a new team. :)

  70. Chris will you please rate my Demolasher.

    HP: 101
    EA: 53
    ED: 59
    PA: 78
    PD: 78
    SP: 40

    Thank you. - Aris

  71. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 12, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    @ Aris: Pretty good, mine is weaker than yours if you did not advance train it. Erm, just a question- Are you sure that there is no typo, as 59 ED and 53 EA is a little too high for a Drilldent. I would just take it as advance training. For your health it is pretty solid, haging around Max (this tends to happen to many strong health miscrits). Your Elemental defense is pretty tough, that's a good one. PA and PD are also pretty solid, and your Speed are hanging on the low end of moderate, 9/10.
    P.S Before commenting, in the "comment as" section, select "Name/URL", then in the name box type in Aris or so. :)

  72. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 12, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    EDIT: Sorry for double post, I forgot to type in. Minor, Now there is a Sapphron review so I think you can edit it a bit Chris. Also when did Eggy get 5 stars, I though he was Above Average before? I believe if he had Max health he would fit in Excellent, haha.

  73. Thanks Leggy. I did not make any errors copying my Drilldent's stats. And yes it is "Expertly Trained". I guess I just got lucky. It never did occur to me that 53 EA and 59 ED is high for a Drilldent.

  74. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 12, 2011 at 10:43 PM

    Well, comparing to my other level 30s, 40+ is pretty much the kind of EA it should get, 45+ is the kind of ED it should have. :)

  75. I've always had Eggy as 5 stars. :P

  76. eggy is good then fossila? i have eggy on lev 30 and it can take any miscrit down. please make review of eggy

  77. please rate my team
    dark afterburn
    dark fairyblossom

  78. when volcanic island will open?

  79. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 15, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    @ Nasir: You do not need to make so many comments, :P At least try not to. 1st post: You must have a really good Eggy then, although I'd say Fossilia is better, with sandstorm too. 2nd post: As Chris said, no more numbers will be given for ratings, as suck I'll try to follow :P Overall I think it is well balanced, with Physical attackers and Elemental attackers. You might wanna put your DFP first to get the first turn since she has max speed. Overall your team is great but you should try looking into replacing Mallardon. Not that it is bad, bad there are other better miscrits. Dark Prawnja, Wavesling, and Snorkels are good. As I mentioned, you can replace Eggy with Fossilia, but if Eggy works for you, then use him. 3rd: I don't like entertaining people that keep asking about volcano island. Go to the player forums for more information or go to . As it is mentioned NO release dates have been given yet, so please do not ask :P

  80. can you please tell me why mumbah is only average?
    its attacks are pretty cool(last 4 attacks) :)

  81. i have munkee and beezlebug level 30 i am going to put DF in there and either digsy or drilldent what do you think would be better thanks in advance

  82. Anon: Mumbah's last 4 attacks are good, but the Recompose/Unbreakable strategy has been so overused that any veteran player will destroy it. And its stats really aren't anything impressive.

    gus: Either Digsy or Drilldent would be good for your team. Since you already have a purely Physical Miscrit (DF) you may want to go with Digsy for the ED.

  83. is the cave of mists worth it sapphron looks good

  84. so chris what is the best earth miscrit for me my team is
    dark flowerpiller
    (supposed to be mumbah)

  85. gus: That completely depends on how much money you want to spend on the game. I don't think it's necessary though, there are a lot of great Earth Miscrits.

    Anon: I would suggest Fossillia or Drilldent.

  86. guy who asked about mumbahAugust 18, 2011 at 3:54 AM

    uhhmmm instead of them is eggy good for my team to?

  87. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 18, 2011 at 6:18 AM

    @ Mumbah Guy: Hmph, Name stealer! LOL, J/K. Mumbah is undeniably one of the best Earth elemental attackers. However he does not have Sandstorm and that puts him behind. Eggy is definitely a great Earth miscrit, but random health puts him at risk of weak health. I'd suggest someone more solid. Drilldent, Fossilia, Digsy and Sledgehog are also one of the good solid miscrits. (note: Sledgehog is only available in Cave of Mists. It is NOT compulsory to buy the Cave though. I just mentioned him because he is good without having to deal with random stats.

  88. Guy who asked about FossiliaAugust 19, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    Fossilia or Drilldent? Which is better?


    I think its kinda cool having so many names like G.W.A.B.L.S.

    We admire you that's what's up with the name.


  89. guy who asked about mumbahAugust 19, 2011 at 9:22 AM

    @guy who asked about leggy:hahahaha i really got my name from you :)))
    i think i will choose fossilia :)

  90. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 19, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    OK OK, am I really that cool :P LOL, now in all seriousness... Not too serious anyway :P

    Fossilia Guy: Depending on the kind of battle you want and which kind of buffer you want- If it's gonna be an all out battle where you spam Defenses pots etc., then Drilldent. Fossilia works the way Drilldent does although in a less powerful tanker but a more powerful damage dealer. With Sludge Fossilia can waste the defense potions your opponent uses. Drilldent can only spam Hyper Power. In all honesty though my current Demolasher is really cool beating up cubsprouts and all, that's why I let him keep landslide over Sleep to battle Jellyshocks etc.. I'm not planning to use him in Arena. If I'd choose a miscrit for the Arena it'd be Fossilia, with Tectonic Shift, Merciless, Sandstorm and Sludge. :)

    Mumbah guy: Fossilia is definitely good. To give you some hints etc., here is a sneak preview on the Fossilia roundup I did for the rare miscrits post (it's a BONUS! Enjoy it! :))

    "Fossilia was the second Gemma miscrit to be released after Poltergust for the same 20 wins in a row in Arena. He has Max health and PA, with strong PD. He is probably well noted for his final skill being a 25 Damage Earth attack Tectonic Shift. After much discussion Admins changed Tectonic Shift to a 25 damage Physical attack, although the description is still Earth. He does very well in battle, having not only a great design, but the skills and stats to back it up. Check Chris’s review of him. Type: Physical Tanker – Element: Earth – Best levels: 13, 16*, 19*, 25*, 28*, 30"

    *- Depending on play style
    Physical Tanker: With defense potions it can tank out very well. Main form of attack, Physical.

    Yes this IS the whole Fossilia post I made. Enjoy, and of course try to not let anyone else see this, Just Kidding. :)

  91. Guy who asked about FossiliaAugust 19, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    Thanks Leggy. We really appreciate you sharing your wisdom.


  92. hey,bt a sapphron is d best earth miscrit ri8?? caz its hving a very gud stats 2..

  93. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 21, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    @ Anon: Not really. It just has the potential TO be the best, and not THE best. Sapphron is undeniably great with Max HP and Strong attacks, and has the potential to be the FASTEST earth miscrit. Of course though he has moderate defenses so you really need good speed to save yourself from Mun Kees etc.. And but of course, you have your Eggys and Drilldents and Fossilias and Digsies which are all very good. Of those I've mentioned I like Sapphron for design best and Digsy for battling potential best.

    @ Fossilia guy: Heheh, :P

  94. so i use eggy or drilldent? my eggy has moderate health

  95. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 26, 2011 at 7:47 AM

    Oh my it hasn't been much activity here has it :P

    @nasir: Drilldent is better, since it has sandstorm to save it from Wind miscrits. Although you may want Eggy if you want Sludge or confuse.

  96. can you rate my level 23 eggy

    Health: 70
    ea: 46
    Ed: 45
    pa: 62
    Pd: 53
    speed: 39

  97. Hey can you rate my Level 7 Drilldent?


  98. can u help me chris?


  100. Er... I think mumbah is really good... I can kill the all my opponent 4 miscrits with my mumbah and the rest still full health... Unless the opponent have wind miscrits like mun kee... i just hav to spam unbreakable and then recompose till the opponents attack me with a damage of 10 or below...

  101. Can we get some reviews on the new miscrits? Winnebeargo and the Lighting one this week?

  102. mumba has unbreakable and recompse+20 and is a real pain in th butt. it ought to be above average i guess. can you write a review for it pls? i have a lv20 mumbah and i want to know what skills it has. it seems pretty good too.

  103. put craggy on excellent it has a gud stats and skills.. if u didn't put it on excellent u are a dumb :PPP

  104. could you please make a eggy Review

  105. why did you rate hippoke average? Doesnt it have the strongest move ever, the mace tail.

  106. Anon 1
    Hippoke is interesting, but it is difficult to use offensively. Its lvl 10 attack, Stone Horn, has 20 AP, but it has 55% chance of missing, misses very often. And it does not have the PA to back up its mace tail move: 30 AP, 80% chance.

    Anon 2
    Yes, Mumbah is a pain in the butt with the Unbreakable+Recompose strategy. However, experiences battlers can combat that with poison+venom strategy, since poison, venom is not affected by defense debuffs and buffs.

  107. hey....hows fennie...the new earth miscrit????

  108. guy who asked about mumbahSeptember 28, 2011 at 12:49 AM

    @guy who asked about leggy

    Oh hey thnx really so much :D
    sorry my reply is late :)

  109. hey guys is my team good?

    mun kee, winnebeargo, thundercracker and dark flowerpiller i can substitute thundercracker for maybe kelpa or ignios

  110. m confused weather who should i train....digsy or fossila..
    my team are bleezbug,,snorkels,, dfp,,n wat should i use here...d fourth 1
    n also tell me the arrangement of dis team..plz

  111. 将Fennie评价你的规模??

    Ignios, Dark Prawnja, Fossillia, Tundercracker

    Blazebit, Snorkels, Digsy, Flutterpat

  112. 谢萍萍-

    你的第一队是好的,虽然你可能是一点点关于物理方面的沉重,但它应该做精。但是,如果你有一个良好的Snorkels,您可以取代Dark Prawnja。



  113. he forgot about fennie

  114. I've added Fennie to the list as an Excellent Miscrit. It's got pretty awesome stats, especially if you get good ED. The skill list isn't bad.

  115. The Guy Who Asked Bout SapphronOctober 14, 2011 at 5:50 AM

    I think that sapphron could be better coz the current sapphron have pretty good stats

  116. Hey chris, i have a level 20 drilldent that i think has a "moderate" speed. could you please take alook at his stats


  117. I think quebble is the earth ver. of weevern so why its average?

  118. Hey Chris! Great Reviews! Really helps out a lot of beginners! But i do have one question: Does Fennie separates herself as THE BEST earth miscrit? i know we have categories for physical and elemental attackers but can she be an all-around tank for the arena? Thanks!

  119. Hi Chris i really need your help... My Team is Clawmurai,Dark Afterburn,Cloberilla and Zephyrgreist...My Teammates are starting to doubt my strength because they want me to change my Clawmuurai with a dark Clawmurai and Dark Afterburn with Blazebit.So should i release them to train my blazebit and dark prawnja??? Please Help Me

  120. hi there i am new to miscrit i'm lvl24 at this moment i level my flue way to much it's lvl30 and cubsprout also i leveled it to 30 do you think i should relese them both? here are their stat:


    HP 94 HP 82
    EA 46 EA 54
    ED 57 ED 51
    PA 76 PA 70
    PD 64 PD 45
    SPD 42 SPD 62

    NEED some GOOD advice..........

  121. Weevern sucks but is Above Average because of its dual dragon stat. as for quebble, it has nothing special, so "Average".

  122. anon 1
    Clawmurai is pretty solid, but you may want to replace it with a dark clawmurai because clawmurai (aka prawnja) cannot deal much damange. so you may want to go on to the replacement.

    about d.flue to bb, it depends. d. flue is an awesome miscrit, and bb can be the best too ( 6 maxes) but you can easily get unlucky and get (6 weaks as well) :(((

    if you do decide to train bb though, assess the stats at lvl 10 and 20 and you can decide weather to go with bb or not.

    anon 2:
    your flue has normal stats, however you may want to replace him with dark flue because there is a significant difference in damage. it is quite solid though.

    i will definitely release cubby. IMO, cubby is a lousy miscrit with nothing to do except attack with Ferocity. its mod defenses and mod hp does not help it much to thrive. good replacements: grubbean, kelpa (in this case of these both miscirts lvl until 25 to go to ss), DFP, weevern (it is offered for free as an admin gift) IMHO anyway anything is better than lousy cubby :)))))

    Link to Weevern:

    Good luck!!



  124. hi good day need some help i got lvl30 (ET) dark clawmurai with a stat of:

    HP 112
    EA 53
    ED 54
    PA 76
    PD 71
    SP 40

    any comment this clawmurai seems to be a weak one what do you think guys?

  125. I'll give you the breakdown

    HP: Max
    EA: Strong (low end)
    ED: Strong (low end)
    PA: Max
    PD: Max
    SP: Moderate

    The health is really good!!!! And ea and ed is very good for moderate. Lucky you!!!!
    Good Dark Prawnja!!!

  126. yaayayayyaayayya YAYAYAYAAYAYA yayayaya on the floor. I am going to fuck you. yayayayayayaya YAYAYAYAYAYA yayayaya i am going to give you hot sex. GIRLS, TAKE NOTE!!!!


    you have beeeen warned

  127. for my level 30 winnebeargo which attack would be better to keep cyclone or laser focus

  128. the best attack to keep is laser focus(if you have extra credits you may add more flexibility to Winnebeargo) I would not keep cyclone over laser focus for a couple of reasons. first, winnebeargo will not hit hard with it, even against low PD miscrits. second, there is a strategy for winnebeargo. Here it is:

    When the game starts, use Laser Focus for TWO times (or one, if you like :P) to increase your accuracy by 40%. This is to ensure Well Rounded have a higher chance of hitting (around 80%). Keep doing that until your opponent hits you with 5-10 damage. Use healing potions to keep your Winnebeargo alive and kicking. We don't want him smashed like a spaghetti meatball :PPP Then, and THEN, start to attack. Well Rounded will increase your attack so you can hit with HUGE damage.

    IMPORTANT NEWS!!IMPORTANT NEWS!! :))) I exaggerated that part, anyone wants relaxation from seriousness right? If you don't you are a brainless zombie :) jk, jk don't be angry :D
    *beware of poison moves that can harm Winnebeargo while he is buffing himself with Well Rounded. And, the greatest Red Lights is

    You MUST beware of confuse. Confuse can make you hit yourself with full damage more than your opponent is attacking you. True, you have buffed your defenses, but your attacks are buffed as well, and your defenses+attacks can 1 on 1 to each other.

    Ignore this anti-tidbit and you should be fine :))
    Happy Winnebeargo-ing!!!

  129. Ohh Anon im so sorry!! I have made an error in my post.
    * Ignore this anti tidbit......
    Do not ignore, you must be careful.
    You can't ignore them or your strategy will be wrecked!
    Once again, I'm sorry :((

  130. CAn anybody rate my team
    Winnbeargo, Drilldent, Boltzee and Mun Kee

  131. It is pretty solid. Drilldent is definitely beastly, no doubt about that. Boltzee is definitely devastating with good rolls on Defenses. Mun Kee is the deadliest Wind miscrit with amazing health and speed rolls. You may want to replace Winnebeargo with a Nature, Fire or Water miscrit, since you already have Mun Kee. Mun Kee is better than Winnebeargo IMO. Since removing Winnebeargo would lead to being a little too heavy in the Elemental side, I would replace Winnebeargo with a Physical miscrit. It helps to have one type of an element and types of attacks into a team, as it would make your team more flexible.

  132. considering the randoms to turn out the same which would be better thundercraacker or boltzee

  133. mumbah handlers suck!!!! using unbreakable for several times then recompose.. cowards!!!!

  134. Guys i need some advice on this pls!

    I have a team of Kelpa, Blazebit, Digsy and Mun kee.. im planning to use it in the BA.. i just leveled them up to lvl 30. Do you think its a good enough team?

    Some help pls! Thanks :D

  135. iam lv 17 my team is
    drilldent lv 22
    zapeera lv 10
    rate it plz and give me advices about evolving who plz

  136. Please rate my Level 30 Drilldent

  137. release your breezycheeks, its a below average wind miscrit..

  138. I think this is a terrible Eggy, after 2 hours of searching for it :((((
    please give me any tips please, should I keep my level 24 Eggy??

    HP: 56 (so low!!!)
    EA: 32
    ED: 36
    PA: 54
    PD: 43
    SP: 30 basic training

    and i am beginning to realize it dies so quickly due to its weak health and not good defenses for an Eggy, so I think I'm going to release it, any tips guys??? I feel deeply dissapointed for this Eggy, I've spend many hours looking for it and it didn't turn out good.

  139. Ahemmm this is a terrible Eggy. Here is the breakdown.

    HP: Extra low Weak
    EA: Weak
    ED: Mod
    PA: Strong
    PD: Strong
    SP: Weak
    which is abnormal for an Eggy. Don't keep it.
    Let's just say, you want to keep it with ET.
    And you're lucky and got +4 on the HP with the extra stat point going to HP.
    The highest it can get IS 86. Which is tad bit low. And the rest of your stats as well. And it is very unlikely that the above scenario can happen. And unless you are willing to take a great risk (The Hp can, and most likely, end up WEAK), release it. Its terrible. It isn't as strong as it could be. Maybe you have bad luck with BT.

    Sorry hun :(((

  140. Yeah, sorry. You should release this Eggy because it is terrible. Leena's breakdown is correct, but the PD is closer to Moderate. Yeah, and it has insanely edited stats for an Eggy. You should release it.

  141. :((( Yeah, I think you're right guys (or girls?) :PP i am very sad for this Eggy. This Eggy is the result of 2 hours searching. And it turned out terrible. I couldn't tell you how disappointed I am with this Eggy.

    And thanks Leena for giving me the breakdown. Guess I have to release it :(((

  142. Jeez, I know right?? I recently have the same experience with you when I trained a level 10 Blazebit. This is its breakdown.

    HP: Weak
    EA: Strong
    ED: Weak
    PA: Mod
    PD: Mod
    SP: Mod

    After this happened I swore off randoms and picked up a Dark Flue instead. Oh you wouldn't know how many battles I won with a team of Digsy, Leggy, Dark Flue and Dark Flowerpiller. So in my humble opinion, Randoms are a waste of time and there are very good non-random miscrits out there.

  143. Yeah, that is the issue with very rare miscrits; they always have a Random stat or two, which can make your searches pretty fruitless.
    But having Random stats means they have GREAT potential to be the best miscrit/worst miscrit. Take Blazebit for example. It has 6 randoms. If it has 6 weaks it would be the worst miscrit in Miscria, yet if it has 6 maxes it would be the best miscrit in Miscria. Yeah, there are some people who are lucky and got good Randoms, yet there are some people also who got terrible Randoms. So that is the issue with Randoms. It can be a pain; yet it can also become a lifesaver.


  145. can you rate my Eruptacus

    :0 ----- oh my goodness -----

  146. come on put your miscits real stats like mines
    Can you rate my rate my tuskalate(fangly) please:D
    RAte it please oh and i used 1 relic

  147. the worst miscrit is hippokie
    every time the attacks miss i relesed it

  148. u both rmotherfuckers as well as liars

  149. I feel i need to stick up for Mumbah and it's trainers. Mumbah might not have the stats to stand out as one of the top choices for arena battles, but it is a versatile addition to any team. Recompose and indestructable are a solid combination for staying in the fight, and this combination also allows you to have Mumbah as the first entry on the team with a team of much lower level miscrits. He saves your virtue because he never dies and your other members level up all the time without seeing battle. I've spent hours missioning around like this and leveling up without ever needing to return to heal. Mumbah is definately a solid edition to a team geared towards exploring, leveling up, and finding rare miscrits.

  150. unbreakable...not indestructable, sorry my bad.

  151. i am confuse who should be my team i have 2 eraptacas and 1 luna and 1 excavior 1 leviafin 1 dark claumarai 1 dark after burn 1 leggy 1 tulpinny all at lv30 who should i put u people pl helpp

    1. eruptacus, tulipinny, luna, and leggy

    2. dark afterburn, excavior, luna dark claumurai

  152. rate my team: eruptacus(hp 112, s 46, ea 72, pa 67, ed 60, pd 73 ), bloomane ( hp 100, s 64, ea 57, pa 74, ed 61, pd 49),clobberilla( hp 107, s 60, ea 70, pa 71, ed 79, pd 55), hanuphoon( hp 95, s 60, ea 78, pa 52, ed 82, pd 57) and soon ill have rocklodon but right now hes lvl 22, thanks for rating my team!

  153. Chris please rate my demolasher. The stats are -
    HP 142
    SP 38
    EA 45
    PA 86
    ED 57
    PD 91

    and is DFP,demolasher,panthundra and hootray

    1. the stats for demolasher are exceptional and with PD 91 it is a great miscrit that you got.

  154. a good team

  155. I Think Craggy And Fossillia Are The Same...
    Same PA
    Same Pe
    Same EA
    Same ED
    But Health Are Not The Same..
    So I Think Craggy Belongs To Excellent..

    1. craggy's health is STRONG but fossillia's health is MAX and hence FOSSILLIA is a better miscrit than Craggy

  156. is my digsy good? Health 100 speed 50 EA 55 ED 81 PA 74 PD 81

  157. wich one is better Digsy or Fossilia im trying to do a good team

    so what i was thinking was

    Digsy/Fossilia (dont know wich one to choose..)
    Dark Cubsprout

  158. is raldio better??? i have 1

  159. what about quartex? hes an earth miscrit

  160. my team please rate :

    Dark Hydroseal ( 21 )
    Dark Flamling ( 26 )
    Dark Flowerpiller ( 23 )
    Narlope ( 11 ) but want another dark type ( electric )

    1. i was thinking dark breezycheeks
      n all darks can be foind in collecters mansion except dark flowerpiller

  161. is raldio any good??

    1. raldio is good i have him level 16 and has pincer pollish and one move so far which can wreak havok

  162. Replies
    1. i have him, level 16 he has skill to stop the advantage wind has over earh and is a very good miscrit

  163. is hippoke rare??

    1. No.
      it is found near the jagged treasure and just before the bridge connecting to dead island.

  164. what about dark croaky?

  165. which among the following miscrits according to you is better?
    1. Eggy
    2. Digsy

  166. mumbah is a good miscrit i defeated wind elementum and magicite overlord with it .............

  167. My team is:

    Drilldent (20, just got it up there xD)
    Fangly (19)
    Mun Kee (17)
    Treel (15)

    I'm going to level them up all to level 20.
    Is this a good team? Please reply and please don't mind .

  168. Oh yes, one more thing, is Eggy or Drilldent better? I have both.

  169. guyz Gog is stronger then eggy
    HP 44
    SP 25
    EA 28
    PA 35
    ED 32
    PD 28

  170. how is pfist ?
    please tell .. I have evolved it to level 31
    HP 149
    SP 51
    EA 94
    PA 93
    ED 80
    PD 72