Monday, August 22, 2011

Earth Miscrit Rankings

Author: Darren Lee

In this series of posts, I'm going to highlight some of the best and worst Miscrits in the game, and why they are so good or bad. Hopefully this will help you with your teams. I'll rank the Miscrits from best to worst in each element, and give details to each Miscrit such as what kind of Miscrit it is (tanker, nuker, etc.) Oh yeah, and I'm not going to bother with the starter Miscrits (Flue, Flowerpiller, and Prawnja), since their dark versions are pretty much the same... but better. And one last thing, I'm not including Volcano Island Miscrits in here, like Slithero, Rockodile, Shroomer, and Scorcero because they're still largely unknown.

Earth Miscrits

1. Digsy
Okay, first of all, there's been some real big debates about which Earth Miscrits are the best, and it really is hard to decide because so many of the Earth Miscrits are good. But I think Digsy is the best because of its strong defenses, and its max Physical Attack. Strong buffs and debuffs, and Sandstorm add to the awesomeness.

2. Drilldent
With strong Health, and max Physical Attack and Defense, it is definitely one of the strongest Miscrits. Like Chris says sometimes, you only need one good attack (Physical/Elemental), but you should be strong in both defenses. Although Drilldent is very common, it's still one of the best Miscrits around, especially at level 10. Sandstorm and Sleep are also included in the package.

3. Fossillia
With epic Health and Physical Attack, plus strong Physical Defense, it's another great Miscrit. With Sandstorm and Sludge, you want Fossillia on your side. Sadly, its weak Speed brings Fossillia down a little bit.

4. Eggy
Eggy is much like Fossillia, however it doesn't suffer from weak Speed. But it's unlikely its health will beat Fossillia, which is why I placed Eggy fourth. Also, Eggy doesn't have a negate element skill, but on the plus side it does have a Confuse skill.

5. Sapphron
With awesome Health and strong Physical Attack and Elemental Attack, it's a great Miscrit as well. However, it's unlikely that you'll get one - unless you're willing to pay the price... which I'm probably not. But overall, a great flexible attacker.

6. Craggy
I regret putting Craggy 6th, because it deserves better - considering it's basically a Drilldent with weaker Physical Defense, but stronger Elemental Attack. It doesn't have a negate elemental skill, but it does have Bright Lights and Sleep.

7. Sledgehog
Okay, here's where it gets to the non-elite Earth Miscrits in my opinion. Sledgehog is a Physical Miscrit, and with good rolls on Health its pretty strong. With Sleep, Sandstorm, and Sludge, its skill set isn't half bad as well.

8. Hippoke
With strong Health, Elemental Attack, and Physical Defense, it's pretty strong. And if you're willing to take chances, it's the Miscrit for you. Although it learns a 20 AP attack at level 10, it misses quite a lot, so it's a major risk. I'm not sure about its other skills, but I've heard that it only learns a few attacks through level 30, and Mace Tail, although with 30 AP, misses quite a bit too.

9. Croaky
Although it has weak Health, its max Elemental Defense makes up for it. The majority of Miscrits are stronger in Elemental Attack, so having max Elemental Defense is good. Also, Croaky has 2 25 AP attacks which makes it more flexible.

10. Mumbah
A very average Elemental Miscrit, it's actually not too strong. However, at level 25 with Unbreakable and Recompose, plus a few heals and buffs, it becomes the biggest pain in the butt possible... and can possibly become unstoppable. But other than that, it's not that great.

11. Quebble
Probably no doubt the weakest Earth Miscrit. Although it has strong Health and strong Elemental Attack, it has weak Elemental Defense which is real bad if it comes across a fast Wind Miscrit like Leggy. Sandstorm and Venom might come in handy, but it doesn't change my mind.

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  1. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 23, 2011 at 1:36 AM

    Need my help on Hippoke? Heheh. Hippoke is certainly not very great, but is nonetheless and interesting miscrit.

    I'll skip lvl 1-9 skills, most people fight at 10+ so...

    10: Stone Horn, at 20 Earth damage, it is an almost one hit kill move. Of course, it's 55% hit rate certainly balances it.
    13: Tickle
    16: Strike, though definitely not to his advantage, is definitely a move you will found yourself using way more often than Stone Horn.
    19: Stalactite is probably something you'll replace Stone Horn with. Though weaker it definitely hits way more often. Perhaps the final elemental attack you'll keep at level 30.
    22: Debilitate
    25: Recompose. Unfortunately he does not have Unbreakable to back it up. I think Admins have had it with Mumbah.
    28: Sandstorm
    30: Mace Tail, with 30 damage and 80% hit rate. This is an attack you'll be using. Definitely not to his advantage, but by level 30 Stalactite is too weak and you definitely don't want to risk it with Stone Horn.

    Tada, a detailed writeup based on skill list for Hippoke. :3

  2. gahh... I don't know whether or not I should continue leveling my Eggy... it sucks, but I can't field a level 20 team without leveling it once. But on the other hand, I should have a Speed/Elemental crit on my team... my current level 20 team consists of DF, Weevern, DP and (Empty Spot). I've never had to really use Eggy cause the others dominate, but still... what should I do/what should I replace Eggy with if I release him?

  3. By the way, great post as always Darren :D

  4. Hi Chris,this is my level 30 team - ignios,munkee,drilldent,snorkels
    I've tried different orders while in arena
    1. ignios,snorkels,drilldent,munkee
    2. munkee,snorkels,drilldent,ignios
    3. ignios,munkee,drilldent,snorkels

    Which one do you think is the best order or can you please suggest any other better order

    1. ignios,munkee,snorkels,drilldent

  5. What are the speed values for your Mun Kee and your Ignios?
    You should always sort your team so that the next miscrit out has the elemental advantage over the opponent's crit that had the advantage over your prior crit (So a hypothetical: Fire [Weakness: Water], Nature [Weakness: Fire], Water [Weakness: Nature], Fire or Wind/Lightning/Earth [as a way to end the elemental shuffle]. So with yours, you should probably go Mun Kee, Drilldent, Snorkels, Ignios. This way you can possibly have an advantage with your next crit

  6. Sorry meant to space that out better :D

  7. Munkee's speed is quite average,58 and ignios has 64 speed.I don't want to risk keeping him first due to beezlebugs.

  8. tom i figured out another order that works most of the time..snorkels,ignios,drilldent,munkee.
    It would be okay to loose snorkels against dfp if anyone comes with it at first position.also to what i've seen most people now don't use dfp at level 35+ so snorkels will quite be safe. :)

  9. I would switch Drilldent and Mun Kee in your order, for the same elemental reasons Tom mentioned. Otherwise that's exactly what I would do.

  10. Hey Chris, any advice on my Eggy issue? I'm still scratching my head on that one

  11. You could either go with another strong PA Miscrit like Digsy, or you could add a fast Miscrit to start the fight. I would go with a Wind Miscrit like Leggy, Mun Kee, or Flutterpat.

  12. should i go with fennie the new one or drillident?

  13. Its quite tricky whether to pick fennie or drilldent........but ill pick drilldent coz it has max PA and PD with weak SPEED and EA while Fennie, the latest miscrit has max EA which make it a good miscrit but its ED is random which is quite risky coz you will not know whether it will turn out good or not......Only raise a drilldent if you want a guaranteed stats if youre a LUCKY person try raising a fennie

  14. What skills are reccommended for a level 30 Craggy?

  15. Fennie has the strongest earth elemental attack

  16. dude are you retarded you forgot fennie

  17. where does fennie go

  18. is my team good ?

    lv 13 winnebeargo
    lv 13 fossillia
    lv 13 drillent

    good or bad

    1. if it is fully evolved its good but u need one more good one

  19. oh i meant lv 14 winnebeargo

  20. i think grow mun kee
    best site to know all this is

  21. nah , it would be waste of tp and they are already 20
    and i need physical attackers to defeat the wind elementum plus i have boltzee to be my last miscrit of my team

  22. i play miscrits sunfall and all the miscrits have ratings and skills

  23. this list is terrible... not accurate ratings at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. In what sense? I think its pretty accurate

  25. is digsy really better than drilldent?
    cause i use drilldent and it really rocks while digsy im still training i to level 30 pls help

  26. pl help my digsy is really super and he has defeated afterburn bloomane in one battle with only him but in another battle a craggy defeated my digsy i cant beleive it

  27. What is the last attack of FENNIE?

  28. help me rate my hanuphoon chris:

  29. Why is there no fennie in this because it can beat digsy.

  30. what about dark croaky?

  31. I would say that dark eggy is the best earth miscrit, dark colossal bite is awesome, with an AP of 27. It also learns confuse and sludge which makes its skill list awesome. I don't think that not learning a negate element brings it down because any posion could fix that. The dark eggy i have easily defeats a lvl 30 poltergust. I would also say that hippoke dominates the battle arena at lvl10, because it learns a 20 ap move

  32. i have 17 miscrits in the final evolution

  33. I have the strongest team here , i am on lvl 180
    my team is all legendary miscrits:
    1) Elite salamindra
    2) Elite lyeogryph
    3) Elite rudy
    4) Claviger

    problem is that i got 3 of them wind!!
    i got 2 legendary more: Elite waddles and Light nibbles