Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nature Miscrit Rankings

Today marks the inaugural guest post for this blog. There are several more coming from different authors, so look forward to some really great reads in the days to come. Darren Lee is the writer of this post, and it's the beginning of an excellent six part series where he will be ranking the Miscrits from best to worst by element. I'm very grateful to have such a wonderful contribution from a veteran player, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have.

Author: Darren Lee

In this series of posts, I'm going to highlight some of the best and worst Miscrits in the game, and why they are so good or bad. Hopefully this will help you with your teams. I'll rank the Miscrits from best to worst in each element, and give details to each Miscrit such as what kind of Miscrit it is (tanker, nuker, etc.) Oh yeah, and I'm not going to bother with the starter Miscrits (Flue, Flowerpiller, and Prawnja), since their dark versions are pretty much the same... but better. And one last thing, I'm not including Volcano Island Miscrits in here, like Slithero, Rockodile, Shroomer, and Scorcero because they're still largely unknown.

Nature Miscrits

1. Dark Flowerpiller

Dark Flowerpiller is an extremely fast Elemental attacker. It is what I consider a "nuker", which is a Miscrit capable of doing a lot of damage, but dies quite easily. With Photosynth, Blitz, Venom, Confuse, and Dark Bugs, it's one of the best miscrits around. Probably best at levels 10, 13, 25, 28, and 30. Great at the start of the team with its max Speed.

2. Kelpa
Now, I'll be honest, I can't really say that it's an amazing Miscrit, because all of its stats are random - except for Speed, which is weak. Hopefully your lucky, and get an awesome Kelpa. Its skills are also really good. Definitely a great miscrit to have (if you're lucky).

3. Grubbean
Grubbean is a great Physical attacker with great defense. Probably the best at level 28 with Destruction. I haven't trained mine too far yet, so I haven't got all of the skills, but still an awesome Miscrit.

4. Echino
Definitely one of the best tankers in the game, with strong defenses and strong Health. However, it can't deal much damage. With Toxic and Photosynthesis, it can be a good addition to any team. Probably best at level 13.

5. Weevern
Okay, now don't get me wrong, Weevern's weak Elemental Defense brings it down, but its level 30 skill Dual Dragon more than makes up for it. It's arguably the best skill of any Miscrit. It has strong Health and Elemental Attack, which is also good. Probably best at levels 13 (with Toxic) and 30.

6. Elefauna
Okay, starting now we come to the average to not-so-great Miscrits. Elefauna is another good Miscrit with great defense, but weak Speed. Another tanker that doesn't deal too much damage. With Venom and Harvest, it's a pretty good Miscrit overall.

7. Snatcher
I think that Snatcher might be better than Elefauna depending on the situation, but they're both okay. Snatcher is probably best at levels 10, 13, and 28 with Venom and Gilly Weed. Probably one of the stronger Miscrits at level 10. With a combination of Devil's Snare, Flourish, and Leaves, it can be really strong with some luck.

8. Tulipinny
A rare, but average, Elemental Miscrit. It's good at level 10 with Poison, and Confuse isn't bad to have. Honestly, I don't think it deserves to be rare.

9. Quirk
An average Physical Miscrit. Well, overall average, with nothing too special about it.

10. Cubsprout
A fast Physical attacker which is probably only good at level 10 and 30. Its combination of Speed and Physical power can come in pretty useful against some Miscrits.

11. Twiggum
Basically, a Tulipinny with weak Speed when only looking at stats. With Confuse and two 25 AP (Attack Power) attacks, it's not too bad I guess.

12. Treemur
Basically, a Tulipinny with weak Health. No attacks too special besides Poison, which is useful at level 10.

Look for the next part of Darren's Miscrit Rankings soon! Please feel free to comment below, and if you're interested in writing your own guest post just message me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/crhammond88


  1. Any comments? :?

    If you disagree with anything or want to ask a question or something like that, feel free! :)

  2. i think we cant hav 5 attaks of any miscrit we hav to 2 credits for that :P so it should b on second

  3. Sorry, I didn't fully understand what you meant by that, but yes, if you want one of your miscrits to have more than 4 attacks, you need to pay 2 facebook credits.

  4. Oh, I see what you mean. I wrote that to show just some of the good skills it has - not to recommend what skills is best for it at level 30.

  5. I believe kelpa should be first with a 30 dmg lv 30 move and great stats.

  6. Add me at allenwalkerlenalee888@yahoo.com.sg(lets have a duel ;))

  7. Oh I didn't realize it had a 30 ap attack...

    But it's hard to say it has "great" stats, because they are all random, except for the slow speed. My kelpa didn't turn out that well :/

  8. treemur is a rare miscrit but why is it the weakest nature miscrit...you may have a point treemur is a weak miscrit

  9. can you post also the wind miscrit and lightning miscrit rating

  10. does flowerpiller and dark flowerpiller has the same characteristics

  11. How come Echino is better than Elefauna? Echino may have better health, but Elefauna has Max PD, which is great? Mind giving opinions?


  13. Flowerpillar is the bestttttttttttttttttt

  14. I think that Flowerpillar should be in the second ranking.Flowerpillar is the best. It rocks

  15. dudes srsly dark flowerpillar rocks to d core..i have it.brilliant ..a team cnt be complte without a dark flowerpillar..awe-some

  16. hey is my team good i have a excavior weevern d afterburn dark claumarai but i have another miscrits too it is 2 luna leggy leviafin tulpinny 2 eraptacas all at lv30 which should i make my main team pl help

  17. well tulpini is really usedful because if you enchant his attack you get 15health which can be really useful..