Friday, August 26, 2011

Cubsprout Review

Author: Jordyn Dickey

Let’s face it: We’ve all had a Cubsprout. Mostly because of the fact we couldn’t get anything else. And hey, at those levels he wasn’t too bad. However, as he progresses through the levels he is easily beaten by nearly all other Miscrits. With four moderate stats and two strong ones, he isn’t very versatile. He is a very weak ‘Nuker’ at best. The only interesting or appealing thing about him would be that his Physical Attack is strong, while his Elemental Attack is moderate, making him different from most other ‘Nukers’ in the game. His Moderate health can’t compensate for his sub-par defenses, however, and he’s down with two hits (One if you use a powerful Fire Miscrit with high EA, such as Lumera or Blazertooth). His weaknesses are just too prevalent to overlook, and he is easily bested by most.

* / Poor

Cubsprout can be easily found at the entrance to the Miscrian Forest.

Health - Moderate
Elemental Attack - Moderate
Elemental Defense - Moderate
Physical Attack - Strong
Physical Defense - Moderate
Speed - Strong

(Coming Soon)

Recommended Level 30 Skills
Wicked Willow
Laser Focus


  1. ya
    cubsprout really sucks,
    After all, he is a vegetarian lion! :)

  2. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 27, 2011 at 3:53 AM

    To tell you what skill he has (obviously you know, just to help others)

    1. Vines
    1. Weaken
    4. Swipe
    7. Anger
    10. Gash. This is his best level to fight at.
    13. Tangle
    16. Merciless. "Dandylion uses Merciless!" Next turn: "Dandylion uses Gash! It does 16 damage!" *dies**
    19. Reap
    22. Mother Nature (seriously too many nature attacks)
    25. Laser Focus
    28. Wicked Willow. Surprisingly useful against Snorkelses and Dark Prawnjas.
    30. Ferocity. The animation is pretty cool. If it was me I'd rather name it Mighty Gash or something. LOL.

    Numbers= Levels. If cubsprout got Max PA or Speed or both become Max he is way better than what he is now. At least enough to start rivalling Flowerpillar. Without the poisons of course. And confuse.

  3. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 27, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    Also Chris, if you don't mind my editing the post:

    "Let's face it: We've all had a Cubsprout. Mostly because of the fact that we couldn't get anything else. And for majority because we picked a Flue. And hey, at those levels he wasn't too bad. Until he became level 16 and get Engulfed by Calamitases and at level 22, Brimstoned by Grimstones. blah blah blah..."

    :P Of course this is just an exaggeration of how bad Cubby is, but hey, when you get a miscrit that can double turn you and then leave you at red HP before you even do anything, you gotta be happy with that. And by the way, you don't know how SCARED I am of CUBBY when I have a Dark Hermetalcrab or no PD miscrits left. Really. It's either my Grubbean in team C or my Blazebit in Team A or my Digsy in Team B that takes down any Cubby I see. Otherwise, I run for my life. And if I can't, that's the reason I have less than 20 Mythical Fortify potions.

  4. Thanks for posting the skill list Leggy Guy!

    I don't mind you adding your own take to the post. In fact, I encourage it! It's always good to see other player's opinions about different Miscrits.

  5. I think Cubsprout is pretty good at overtaking miscrits with low speed and physical defense -_-

  6. cubsprout is a strong phisichal attacker he would easily take down edison ray or windaysia,and ferocity is a so cool finish bad i still didnt evolve my pawthorne to bloomane

  7. Now they made dark cubsprout, which has elite pa and spd

  8. I think Dark Cubsprout is stronger than Dark Flowerpiller

  9. i like cubsprout