Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grubbean Review

Grubbean is a well-balanced Nature Miscrit with a diverse skill list. It is one of the few Miscrits that learns both an Elemental and Physical attack with 25 Attack Power. Coupled with its Strong Physical Attack and Moderate Elemental Attack, Grubbean can adapt its attacks to the weakness of the Miscrit it's facing. With its Strong Elemental and Physical Defense, it can withstand attacks from any Miscrit in the game. Be sure to use a Negate Element potion if it's forced to battle with a Fire Miscrit with good Elemental Attack. Grubbean also has good support skills. It learns Toxic, Confuse, and Intimidation; a powerful combination to use against someone using a lot of potions or buffing and healing skills. Because of Grubbean's diversity, it can make a valuable addition to any team with room for a Nature Miscrit.

**** / Above Average

Grubbean will be in Sunfall Shores once it is released. The rarity of this Miscrit is currently unknown. It is currently available as a reward for winning 20 battles in the Battle Arena.

Health - Moderate
Elemental Attack - Moderate
Elemental Defense - Strong
Physical Attack - Strong
Physical Defense - Strong
Speed - Moderate

Skill List
Level 1 - Leaves - A simple Nature attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 1 - Fetal Position - Raises your Physical and Elemental Attack by 5. Accuracy 95%.
Level 4 - Bite - A simple Physical attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 7 - Weaken - Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. Accuracy 100%.
Level 10 - Tap Dance - An exclusive Nature attack. Attack Power 10, Accuracy 95%.
Level 13 - Toxic - An intense Poison attack that may damage your foe for 3 turns. Attack Power 10, Accuracy 85%.
Level 16 - Mush - A powerful Physical attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 19 - Confuse - Make your opponent Confused so that they may attack themselves. Lasts for 2 turns. Accuracy 50%.
Level 22 - Mother Nature - A very powerful Nature attack. Attack Power 20, Accuracy 90%.
Level 25 - Intimidation - Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 11. Accuracy 100%.
Level 28 - Destruction - A massively powerful Physical attack. Attack Power 25, Accuracy 90%.
Level 30 - Terraform - A massively powerful Nature attack. Attack Power 25, Accuracy 90%.

Recommended Level 30 Skills
Toxic or Intimidation

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  1. How is Grubbean not Excellent?

    Well, for starters:

    1. Both strong defences. Pretty tank-ish
    2. Learns Toxic, useful against crits that buffs defense like mad
    3. Has 2 25AP moves
    4. Has Strong PA, very useful against many miscrits (half of them has moderate/ weak PD. In fact, most of those miscrits rely on Elemental attacks as well)
    5. Learns a skill that's to its advantage BEFORE level 30. Destruction, 25AP physical attack + his Strong PA. Most other crits like Steamguin learns a 25AP Elemental attack at level 30, and also like Quirk who learns a 25AP Physical attack at level 30.
    6. Has confuse
    7. Intimidation. The most stat-hurting skill in game, -11 Attack with a 100% accuracy. Apparently VERY useful against miscrits who don't buff their attacks, even skills like Hyper Power will miss!

    Overall an Excellent Rating probably is more suitable I think.

  2. Grubbean is definitely awesome. It's my second favorite Nature Miscrit. I just feel that it falls a little short of the other Miscrits that I rate as Excellent. If you compare it some of the others, like say Digsy, you can see where it's just a smidge below.

    Compared to Digsy:
    All stats the same, except Digsy gets Max PA.
    Digsy's skill list, while very different, is at least as effective (if not more so), with Unbreakable, Sandstorm, Sludge, and Double Edge.

    I also tend to rate debuffing skills like Intimidation a little bit lower than you might think, because you can easily switch Miscrits to remove all debuffs. And it's pretty easily countered with potions (that also never miss). Defense debuffs are better, because you need to use two potions to counter the effects. With offensive debuffs, you only need to buff the attack stat you plan on using.

  3. Say, is Grubbean good at level 10? I want one for a BA team.

  4. Level 10 isn't its best level, since it learns an Elemental attack instead of a Physical one. It isn't terrible though.

  5. Oh I see, but Among the Nature miscrits is it not much better or equal to like DFP or Kelpa?

  6. For miscrits that mostly use random stats like (Kelpa, blazebit ect)
    you cannot really tell which is better, because it all depends a good roll or not

  7. If you're asking about level 10, Grubbean isn't any where close to DFP. DFP is really good at level 10. Like the above poster said, Kelpa is largely dependent on random stat rolls, so you never know with it.

  8. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 11, 2011 at 4:02 AM

    Hey Chris, so I got a Coleaf level 17 already. Dumping it in my "For the lose team" composed of Luna, the Strong ED Hydroseal (which I am quite proud of :3) and a Flamaroo (of course Grubbean as well). Haven't got a chance to try it out fully since the last time I faced Digsy, Blazebit, DFP and Dark Flue so I got owned easily. I still think it's better than my hedgebagger (I no longer plan to keep my Hedgebagger anyways. Planning to train him to level 30 as the last remaining of the 5 of my first few level 16s I could salvage. Release Cubsprout, Sparkupine, Twiggum, and my... Er, I think it was.. yeah, Nessy. They are quite my treasures for being the first miscrits I caught. Basically the other 4 I salvaged was my Infernus, Clawmurai, Serpasoar and Demolasher who reached those levels after all my levelling up and all. 4 Questions.. :P

    1st: I know that Luna, Hyodrseal, Hotfoot, Grubbean is a rather not too good level 17 team. I am planning to level those to 18 once I get the TP (almost level up!). My level 18 spares sadly had the Jellyshock who got replaced by Thundercracker. This would bring me to Q3, but first things first, with Luna, Hyodroseal, Hotfoot, Grubbean, Jellyshock, how would you piece them together to form a team? I have a level 10 Frostmite, and a level 14 Flameling (whom I can level- with TP :p). :P Just trying to make a 3rd team.

    2nd: Snatcher's final skills, I'm thinking Venom, Overwhelm, Venus Flytrap and Gilly Weed. Again all my level 30s are not for Arena purposes, and I also debated about Devil's Snare, because I would like him to have a Sleep skill, and it also has a 100% accuracy to damage the opponent.

    3rd: I have a spare Jellyshock, should I train that by basic for a medustung or should I train my current Expert-trained-till-the-end Jellybolt? I would like to keep him mostly because of the "Sock" skill, but I figured that either BeezleBug or another Jellyshock would be nicer since I hate messing up my Arena miscrits without first making sure that there is an Expert trained version or another better miscrit to take their place. Thoughts on it?

    4th: Minor, and unrelated of what I said: What do you think of Rockodile being said to be Blazebit's rival in terms of stats? :P

  9. 1.I would go with a team of Luna, Grubbean, Hydroseal, and Jellyshock probably. I wouldn’t bother spending TP on Frostmite or Flameling.

    2.Snatcher is a tough Miscrit to pick level 30 skills for. Venus Fly Trap, Venom, Overwhelm, Gilly Weed, Merciless, and Devil’s Snare are all valid choices. Of course, Venus Fly Trap is mandatory, and I would definitely keep Venom. I don’t know if I would bother with Gilly Weed if you are only using it in the wild. I would probably keep Overwhelm because of the Strong PA, and Devil’s Snare for the chance to Sleep.

    3.I personally don’t like leveling the same Miscrits past level 10. I would go with the Beezlebug instead, it looks like it’ll be a pretty useful Miscrit.

    4.I’m guessing it’ll be all or mostly random stats. I think it’ll probably be the strongest Water Miscrit once it’s released.

  10. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 22, 2011 at 12:31 AM

    I finally levelled up and got the TP, and Luna, Grubbean, Hydroseal, Jellyshock is an awesome team!

  11. Who in my list of lvl 30s do you think I should dump to train Grubbean?
    I was thinking Demolasher, its weak speed is really bad, while Medustung does have great buffs and debuffs I pretty much like. Mind to give some opinions? :3

  12. I think you have to dump your lasher but keep it for a finisher in the arena or serpasoar,but its special miscrit...for me the most useless is clawmurai for being just a mini tank and easily beaten by demolasher and i have trained one with weak stats(clawmurai).

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  14. what about boltzee i have 300 gems to spend at the gem shop and should i buy Boltzee or Winnebeargo

  15. IMO Boltzee is better than Winnebeargo. With good rolls on Defenses, plus Strong Speed and Strong EA, he can be very difficult to beat. So I recommend Boltzee.

    P.S. If you have bad rolls on Defenses, please forgive me :(

  16. Chris,you seem to know alot about Miscrit. You're maybe the guy Im looking for. Can you explain why the hell Im always encounter Whiks, Flowerpillers and Prawnjas at the first section of Miscrian Forest? Its like they're common or something. I double-checked the map in Miscrit's official website and found out theres no way I'll get to meet Whiks,Flowerpillers and Prawnjas. Please explain, Im so confuse.

    1. wait you actualy find whiks pranjaws and flowerpillers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg youre so lucky!!!