Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Digsy Review

Digsy is the newest addition to the game's roster of powerful Earth Miscrits. Like its counterparts, Digsy has Max Physical Attack. Both defensive stats are Strong, making it a more well-rounded tank than the other elite Earth Miscrits. Digsy has a great skill list containing the best defensive buff and debuff. It also has a new buff called Double Edged that strengthens its Physical Attack while weakening its defenses. Digsy is a great tank and I would recommend it for any team in need of a powerful Earth Miscrit.

***** / Excellent

Digsy is found in Sunfall Shores. It is a common Miscrit available in the Jagged Treasure area. 

Digsy was available as a reward for winning a total of 25 battles in the Battle Arena. It was also available in the Gem Shop briefly.

Health - Moderate
Elemental Attack - Moderate
Elemental Defense - Strong
Physical Attack - Max
Physical Defense - Strong
Speed - Moderate

Skill List
Level 1 - Rubble - A simple Earth attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 1 - Shy Smile - Lower your foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 5. Accuracy 95%.
Level 4 - Hit - A simple Physical attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 7 - Shields Up - Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. Accuracy 100%.
Level 10 - Tail Lash - An average Earth attack. Attack Power 10, Accuracy 95%.
Level 13 - Double Edged - Raises your Physical Attack by 15 and lowers your Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. Accuracy 100%.
Level 16 - Claw - A powerful Physical attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 19 - Sandstorm - Removes Wind's advantage over Earth. Accuracy 100%.
Level 22 - Rock Throw - A very powerful Earth attack. Attack Power 20, Accuracy 90%.
Level 25 - Sludge - Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 11. Accuracy 95%.
Level 28 - Unbreakable - Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 11. Accuracy 100%.
Level 30 - Ruthless Bite - A massively powerful Physical attack.  Attack Power 25, Accuracy 90%.

Recommended Level 30 Skills
Ruthless Bite
Double Edge or Sludge or Rock Throw
*Note: This is a great Miscrit to use credits on for extra skills. Double Edge and Sludge are useful more frequently, but Rock Throw can be handy in a few situations. 

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  1. took out 4 level 30s with digsy its a beast

  2. I woud say I like Eggy better. I think Eggy has a better skill list and possibly better stats. (Possibly MAX health)

  3. Yeah, but what if your Eggy turns out to have WEAK health? There's always a risk, and I don't know about you, but I'm not going to find more rares than I need. Personally I think it's just a waste of time.

  4. Yeah, that's the main reason I've never liked Eggy as much as the other great Earth Miscrits. I just don't care to deal with the random Health. An Eggy with Max Health is definitely powerful though.

  5. I believe I have the worst Digsy in the game, though :P

  6. Thats like saying a Blazebit with weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, and weak. And if it had weak stats you probably wouldn't use it.

  7. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 5, 2011 at 5:23 AM

    No. Eggy is basically 4 stars for that reason :)

    Uh Chris maybe you can help adjust my team:
    level 18 Snorkels, Thundercracker, Poltergust, Digsy. And my problem is this....

    Biggest contributor in every battle: Digsy
    Biggest contributor against dark flue: Snorkels
    Biggest contributor against Drilldents, Eggys, Fossilas, Digsys, Hippokes, ect.: Spectreus
    Biggest contributor against commoner miscrits and wind miscrits: Thundercracker

    My problem here is that the miscrits I have except Digsy only specialise in dealing with a particular type of enemy. The reason is because my spamming shields up+ double edged to get my PA off the hook + 90 and getting my defenses so high wins the whole game. Any ways to help me maximise my use of the other miscrrits :P

  8. That's really a pretty common situation with a lot of teams. In fact, I have a level 20 team with a Digsy that serves a very similar purpose. There really isn't much to do other than build a team with nothing but the best Miscrits in the level bracket. I always just leave my Digsy last so that it can mop up anything that's left. It really isn't a bad thing to have your Miscrits somewhat specialized though. It means that you can respond very well to those particular situations, and those are very common situations. :)

  9. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 6, 2011 at 12:52 AM

    Oh yeah. I always placed my Digsy last because I made the elemental circle of Lightning, Wind, Earth. Didn't know that my placing Digsy last had actually helped me much. Lot's of times it's the Cubsprouts and Shellbees and Prawnjas.... Digsy is a beast :O

    Oh, so having specialized miscrits isn't a bad thing? That's nice to know, as my friend says that having your miscrits specialized in only dealing with a particular type of enemy was bad :P

  10. Well, if you think about specialization in a broader sense I think you can see the benefits. Think about armies. They don't have every unit doing the same thing, each one specializes in working against a particular enemy. Like an anti-air-unit, or anti-tank unit. Even the most powerful Miscrits aren't good at everything, so having Miscrits to specialize for each situation is an effective strategy. So long as you're sure to maneuver them into the situation where they can be most effective, anyway.

  11. Hi chris, I was wandering if I should release my demolasher for a digsy, my demolasher's stats are: 101, 43, 51, 76, 72, 42. thanks!! :D

  12. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 7, 2011 at 8:55 PM

    I think your Demolasher is pretty good compared to mine, though mine has 103 HP, 48 EA, 46 ED, 77 PA, 80 PD, 36 SpD. You have higher speed and ED than mine, that's probably good in a way. By the way I think yours is better than mine by lots, as I used Advanced Training on mine.

    Erm Chris, I have a problem with my spectreus.... Basically what happened was a Digsy double turned my Spectreus and Clawed him to death :( What do I do in such cases, I mean my Spectreus has some wickedly insanely edited stats... This: HP: Weak, EA: Max, ED: Strong(low), PA: Strong(low), Speed: Moderate(low). And that is really annoying.. I mean when attacking Earth miscrits it really strikes them hard, but to be double turned by a Digsy (with a mere Moderate speed) is ridiculous. Not to mention how his health is weak D: I made comparisons to all my other level 18s to get the end results. P.S What sucks is that My DFP has lesser EA than Spectreus D:

  13. Yow Master Chris or anyone who likes to help! Please help me decide..my current level 30 team are ignios, sparkupine, thundercracker and mumbah..I can win 20 battles a day with my team but you know, its still not solid..

    My ignios turned out to have moderate health and moderate ED, but his speed is strong..for me, he is still not a beast..

    I know my sparkupine is one of the candidates to be replaced..but may i know a tanker/physical miscrit that have venom or poison with 80% accuracy..because that makes my sparkupine powerful in the arena..

    My TC on the other hand, has a 49 speed..it was not lucky on his random stat..should i replace it with a beelzebug or munkee? i have a munkee at level 1, waiting to be leveled up..

    And lastly, my mumbah, i should replace it right? As of now i have a digsy, but I'll hunt fossillia later..Please tell me what other miscrit to replace mumbah..(i don't like drilldent looks..hehe)

    Sorry for a long post, I am confused a lil bit.. Please help me..Thank You - Pax from the Phil

  14. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 11, 2011 at 4:39 AM

    I think that your kind of Ignios is fine. My Blazebit is worse. :O Just on a note, I'm not exactly cool when it comes to level 30 battles, but I'll try to help.

    Sparkupine, I think, is pretty much the only one of the kind of miscrit you want- Tanker, Physical attacker, with Venom. Other good miscrits (Not following your criteria here) with Venom are probably DFP, TC, Elefauna (depending on how you use it), (with great luck on randoms) Orcatide, (depending on how you use it) Sparkitten. On a less good miscrits scale, many are there, Snatcher, Blazertooth, Quebble. OK Maybe not so many but there are tons with Acid Rain/ Toxic. If you wouldn't mind without Venom, I suggest Dark Flue, a true Physical Tank and Attacker. I think your Ignios will do fine though. No Water miscrits have Max speed at least for now, and Strong speed means he is safe from Hydroseals.

    Now your TC. 49 Speed would be on the high end of moderate, which I think is fine. Mun Kee and Beezlebug are definitely powerful, and if you successfully land a Deep Sleep with Mun Kee, you can heal up to 45 health without potions, using Cool Breeze healing for 15 HP every use though it hitting is not guaranteed. I haven't have much experience with Beezlebug yet, so I'm not too sure, but he has Max Speed, Strong health (easily the highest of all current Lightnings) and Strong EA, along with it's Scorched Earth, Stinger Strike, Sleep and Hyper Power, which can have a Sleep, Hyper Power x2, Stinger Strike combo. Either way you can choose to keep him or not, moderate speed doesn't seem to bad especially when the only Earth miscrit that have a chance to double turn him is Sapphron, thus I wouldn't say that he is too in risk.

    Mumbah is definitely not the best. I recommend Digsy over Fossilia. Of course, If you really have no FB Credits I think I would suggest Ruthless Bite, Unbreakable, Sandstorm, Sludge. On a side note, Fossilia is not too bad either, but in the long run Digsy will win, and as Chris said, if potion battles are drawn real long in a physical V.S physical match Drilldent wins.

    Overall your main problem probably lies in Mumbah. Earth miscrits do tend to be Physical oriented, not that I'm saying your miscrit choice is bad or anything, but it's the Earth physical miscrits that tend to succeed more often. I would also recommend Grubbean if you want to replace Sparkupine for a physical attack based miscrit. Toxic, Itimidation, Confuse, Destruction are good skill list choices for him (P.S I don't think you will really need Terraform, so just refresh the page upon choosing the skill. JUST KIDDING, not recommended, but do it if you want, maybe.). If you'd like Sparkupine to be replace by a poisoner then Dark Flowerpillar is your choice. With Toxic+ Venom combo, it deals a whole lot of damage per turn or as the battle drags on, though it is Elemental Oriented. I hope this helps you so my time is not wasted, xD J/K.

  15. Dylan: I agree with Leggy Guy, that’s a good Demolasher.

    Leggy Guy: That’s a weird sounding Spectreus. I would keep it away from Physical Miscrits, unless it’s an Earth Miscrit and you know you can’t be double-turned.

  16. Yow master Guy who asked bout Leggy said, this is Pax from the Phil..Tnx for this long reply of realization..You, master chris and darren really helped me to decide with my team..

    -Since i am looking for physical attacker with venom, i'll stick to my TC for a while..since u said that my TC's speed isn't bad at all. The munkee high focus + sleep combo is really used by many pros ryt now, i'll try it someday if i have many TPs..for now, ill stick wid my TC.

    -My sparkupine on the other hand would be replaced by snorkels (i wish i would be lucky with the randoms), i'll try to hunt it today, if ever i wont find him for 3 days maybe DF or DP will be the one..

    -About my mumbah, i really know from the start that i'll replace him..i just loved the fact of unbreakle + recompose combo, i really used it against players who don't know how to defeat it, but now, i want a solid earth miscrit..and, digsy is the one i picked, i know eggy, fossillia and drilldent are also excellent miscrits but i chose digsy over looks..hahaha

    anyway, thnx to everyone i am not confused anymore!! :) i will make a good team and hopefully challenge u in a duel! hehe

  17. Hey, i just wanna ask if I am going to level up a digsy to lvel 30, would it be better to expert train it all the way???? I know he does not have random stats so i think all +1 from the expert training would be maximized..am I ryt? -Pax

  18. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 12, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    Well, Digsy is fine. Higher defense, health and physical attack is good. Just hope you don't add on speed nor EA, as those are not too important.

    However you might want to reconsider. Perhaps exper train it at lower levels or so- considering how 156TP is required, the additional 58 TP for 29 extra stat points which you don't even know where it is added too, may or may not be worth it. Also! Have you considered Leggy? I think he is pretty cool, and he is also worth the Advance training as long as you don't add in PA. He has strong speed, defenses, and EA, and has even Lightning Rod to negate lightning. I think he will do as a good miscrit, in place of Sparkupine. Remember that Snorkels has random health. Random health miscrits like Eggy and Snorkels tend to be risky. You can end up with bad results. However, if you do want Snorkels go for it. He can be a good Tanker against miscrits like Dark Flue or Sparkupine if you get lucky with the PD and Health. :)

    P.S Hey, rather than putting "-Pax" in the comment, choose "Name/URL" when they ask you to "comment as" instead of Anonymous. Then in the "Name" bar type in Pax or anything you want, then click OK. It would help people to know you from looking at the " said...". :)

  19. Okay I will think about Leggy since I've been searching Snorkels for 10 hours now..Sigh, I still cant see that Miscrit..

    I will follow u with the level 1 to 10 with expert traning but the succeeding would just be basic!

    Hey how about my munkee? is Leggy better than Munkee's combo (high focus + sleep + buffs/potions)??

    So if I insert Leggy in my team, then it would be Ignios, Digsy, Leggy and TC..is it strong? i haven't played a Leggy yet but i know it has weak health but aside from that, Chris rated it as excellent..

    Tnx for all the tips bro! but still please answer this post! I'll be waiting while catching snorkels! hehe

  20. Yow Guy! Pls rate this Digsy, its not that beastly right? i watched a video on youtube, his digsy's PA was 83..wow..mine only got 74, maybe its not all expert training..but its okay, i'm satisfied, the remaining TPs i have will be for a munkee..anyways, please rate him, whatcha think? tnx

    HP: 86 (this is moderate 4 sure!)
    EA: 47
    ED: 69
    PA: 74 (not that MAX!)
    PD: 72 (strong or max-ish?)
    SP: 42 (is this moderate? or weak?)

  21. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 12, 2011 at 10:54 PM

    @ Pax 1st post: It comes down to play style a lot. Basically Leggy has weak health, but has both STRONG defenses, strong speed AND strong EA, the first miscrit with 4 strong stats. About Mun Kee, it comes down to preference. Leggy is a more straight-forward attacker, without the need to buff it's defenses. He also has sleep and Lightning Rod to negate lightning without the aid of potions. Mun Kee's High focus+ Deep Sleep combo works to a certain point. BUT remember that it is a MULTIPLICATIVE buff, not addictive, so it is impossible to land a Deep Sleep with 100% accuracy. Further more, Mun Kee needs potions to buff his PD and to negate lightning, so it depends. I have a Leggy at level 18. Learning Claw is bad for his weak PA, but he certainly tanks Claws and Bashes. Leggy is found on Dead Island though, so Snorkels can be found in the Jagged Treasure box. However take note that snorkels is among the rarest rare- Kelpa is easier to find than him.

    @ Pax 2nd post: I am thinking that that is a level 30 Digsy Aye? I'll go on to it. Health is as you guessed. EA is not important so I'll skip. ED at 69 is strong, that I compared to my Infernus. PA is on the low end of Max, perhaps 76 is Max enough. PD is on the higher end of Strong, that's a plus. Speed... Erm, for one it is definitely higher than my Demolasher but Slower than my Clawmurai. Low end of moderate, in between-ish. :)

  22. Yow Master Guy who asked bout Leggy! Tnx for the reply, now I know why leggy is powerful..whew!

    I really thought that the Munkee combos was Pro-Miscrit Gamer-like that's why I wanna use it..Maybe I'll think for it in a while..I just wanna ask what is the missing miscrit for my level 30 team..Ignios, TC, Digsy, and what would u recommend? Should it be Snorkels, DP, Leggy or Munkee? (or others)

    I already asked Chris what is the power of my team if Munkee was added..I wanna hear ur reaction to the missing piece of my team..

    About my digsy, yeah, now it is level 30, its really powerful than my old mumbah and it could beat two miscrits at BA (even a wind one bcuz of sandstorm)..Tnx for rating it!

    About Snorkels, waah! I spent like 18 hours of trying to find it..I had no luck! hahahaha but just now I caught a blazebit with 3 tries..maybe it's my day today! haha

  23. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 15, 2011 at 4:56 AM

    Well, So your team is Ignios, TC and Digsy? As I mentioned somewhere else among all the posts you commented in (seriously :P to seek help one post is enough though :P), a Grubbean, DFP, Snorkels, Dark Flue, and quite a lot more are pretty solid. Ignios is an elemental attacker, TC and Digsy are physical attackers so I'd suggest a tank or elemental attacker.

    Elemental attackers: Mun Kee, Flutterpat, Dark Flowerpillar, Snorkels, Beezlebug (replacing TC if you'd want), Poltergust, (if good speed and hp) Jack, ect..

    Tank: Echino, Equestrion, Elefauna ect..

    I can probably suggest those, although I'd say you give me which you want and I'll tell you about them.

    Snorkels: With amazing health and PD you will never need to worry about Dark Flues! Also a whole bunch of other miscrits as well.
    DP: Adding him makes your team a little too physical heavy, but nonetheless DP is great. With Overwater, Acid Rain, Unbreakable, Sleep, Dark Clamp and Hydro he is beastly.
    Leggy: I've mentioned him before. With both Strong defenses, strong speed and strong EA, combined with Lightning Rod, Sleep and Flamingo Fury he is a well balanced miscrit.
    Mun Kee: Getting kind of repetitive here but nonetheless, Mun Kee is definitely powerful with good health and Speed. His cool breeze, Deep sleep, Zen Zephyr is a good skill list. Debaser is not really worth keeping seeing as to how 5 defense is really worthless to any level 30 miscrit, and high focus can help boost your accuracy, making Zen Zephyr and Cool Breeze have a 100% hit rate after 2 uses, and boost the accuracy of deep sleep significantly. Keeping Overwhelm is not recommended but definitely gives Mun Kee better offensive choices.

  24. Yow Master Leggy Guy! I just caught a Flutterpat and I guess that miscrit is strong..
    I just wanna ask how to defeat munkee's combo?

    About my munkee, there is a big chance i won't be leveling it up?? because at level 13, his speed is only 25..kinda moderate..that's sad, i just asked chris what to do, if i'll level it a bit more to see if speed will become strong/max or find another munkee or just level up another wind miscrit in addition to my team..

    And kindly rate my level 30 team if it's
    Ignios, Beelzebug, Flutterpat and Digsy??
    Is it solid and strong? Or will it be better if the Flutterpat would became a Munkee??

    Sorry I'm asking too much, i really don't wanna waste TPs hehe

  25. chris could you rate my eggy:
    Lvl 25

    Health: 71
    EA: 49
    ED: 50
    PA: 71
    PD: 55
    Speed: 38

  26. The Health is on the upper end of Moderate. The PA is very good. ED is good too (so is EA, but it doesn't matter as much). The PD is normal, but it looks low compared to the EA and ED. I suspect this Eggy was Expert trained? If not, it's quite odd. It's a pretty good Eggy overall though.

  27. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 17, 2011 at 12:34 AM

    @ Pax.PH: Yeah, you are asking a wee bit too much. :P OK. Here is the breakdown.. (I'd wanna speed things up, seriously) Flutterpat, Mun Kee, Poltergust, Leggy and Equestrion are the worthy wind miscrits. If you have one on your team, you are definitely good (unless you bring cubsprouts and hydroseals and the like). Ignios, Beezlebug, Flutterpat and Digsy is definitely solid. Again, I'm repeating this: I'm not bothering about the other miscrits already. Still, with Max speed Beezlebug should be first. And I'd breakdown what miscrits will make your team good...

    Water: Dark Prawnja, Snorkels, (with good defense) Orcatide, Prawnja

    Fire: Blazebit and Ignios with good stats, Dark Flue, Flue, Steamguin, Sparkitten, Sparkupine

    Nature: Dark Flowerpillar, (with good stats) Kelpa, Weevern, Grubbean, Flowerpillar, Echino, Elefauna, Tulipinny

    Wind: Leggy, Poltergust, Equestrion, Mun Kee, Flutterpat

    Lightning: Beezlebug, Thundercracker, Jellyshock, Sparkslug, Microblast

    Earth: All Earth are good. Digsy, Drilldent, Eggy, Fossilia, Craggy, Sapphron and Sledgehog get special mention for superiority.

  28. Yow Master Leggy Guy! Thank u so much for all ur advice and efforts..For now this is my level 30 team, Snorkels, TC, Ignios and Digsy. If my munkee gets to level 30 I'll replace it with my TC (If and only my munkee got strong/max speed..If not, I'll level up Flutterpat or Leggy)

    I guess I ran out of questions, I'm good to go to be a wise miscrit player! hehe See u around!

  29. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 19, 2011 at 10:35 AM

    @ Pax. PH: Sure no problem. :) Good luck in all your future battles. TC is definitely strong, and can rival Mun Kee. I'd say you try out Snorkels, TC, Ignios, Digsy; Snorkels, Mun Kee, Ignios, Digsy and see which works best for you. Though personally I'd prefer Leggy/ Flutterpat to Mun Kee. Remember this too, Flutterpat's final skill Aerial Strike hits 11 times for 2 damage with 100% accuracy, making him valuable if you get good ED.

  30. Yeah Leggy that's what I'm trying, I wanna level up now so that I can level 30 my munkee, he is now level 28..And with that I will see if it's easier to win with a munkee or TC..I really love a TC with Max speed..my TC have 49 speed that makes him really replaceable! And, someday if I got bored with Munkee's combo I will level up a Flutterpat! hehe

    Wait, so you mean the damage of Flutterpat is only 22(11x2)? or each attack could be a critical hit??

  31. Guy who asked bout LeggyAugust 22, 2011 at 12:24 AM

    @ Pax.PH: No. Think of it like bombard, it's a 7 damage attack that may hit twice. Each attack can be a critical or weak. I'm not very sure what kind of damage it will deal to a Thundercracker with good ED.

    P.S: I did an experiment on multi-hitting attacks. This is what I found...

    Take Blitz (10X2) and Overwhelm (20). Their total is 20 damage... BUT! With Overwhelm and Strong PA, you can deal about 29-32 damage on a moderate PD miscrit. But with Blitz you will deal 16-18 per hit. If both does 18 damage and both hits it's 36 damage, higher than Overwhelm. HOWEVER, when the opponent has Max PD Overwhelm does 19-23 damage. Blitz will, however, deal 7-11 damage, at max that means it's 11X2=22 which is lower to Overwhelm's highest damage 23. Thus the conclusive statement is: (Assuming all strikes hit) Multi hitting attacks deal more damage when critical compared to base attacks when critical but base attacks deal more damage when weak compared to multi hitting attacks. In short: A double Edged Sword. Hey that kinda rhymes :D

    P.S: Answer: Yes, each hit can critical or weak.
    But I'm not sure if it will deal no effect on a Lightning miscrit which buffed ED and you have no potions nor Negate element to counter it. My guess is that it will probably deal 1 or no effect damage on a Max ED lightning.

  32. I battled a Flutterpat with my Digsy, I haven't had the chance to use Sandstorm since Flutterpat hit first with Aerial Strike..the damage was like 3, 4 and 5..its 5 when it's critical, when I buffed the sandstorm the damage was all 2..then I used a Epic Potion and killed the Flutterpat, wew the Sandstorm skill was really really useful!

    Thanks man for ur wonderful discovery and analysis, I'm both shocked and amazed! haha I really think sometimes Miscrits pulls out the "Nerdy" in us! hahaha Happy Miscriting!

  33. Now I realized every dumb Eggy turns out with Moderate health. Now I'm starting to think I should go pick up Craggy and even if he's slow it doesn't matter. Honestly I don't care if a micrit is slow. Some Minerams have over one-hundred health without ET.

  34. Should I release Dynamellow for Digsy? Dynamellow is just too slow and weak to do much damage.

  35. Yeah you should get a Digsy instead. Although what is the rest of your team?

  36. The rest of my team?
    Kang Fu

  37. Oh can anyone rate my Digsy? He's level 21.


  38. Well add Digsy to that team. Thts a good one. And I commented on your team i the Water Miscrits post.

  39. chris, leggy guy, anione who likes to help pls help! this is my current lvl 28 team: prawnja, flutterpat, sparkupine and cubsprout. i know my sparkupine and cubsprout definitely needs to be replaced if i wanna get this team to level 30. here are the two possible combinations i'm thinking of and i need suggestion!

    Team 1: prawnja, flutterpat, sparkitten and grubbean.( i like grubbean as it has strong defences, 2 25 AP attack and toxic. i like sparkitten as it has max EA and speed and venom.)

    Team 2: prawnja, flutterpat, digsy and weevern. (i like digsy as it has strong defences, max PA and some of the best defensive buffs and debuffs. i like weevern as its dual dragon gotta be awesome and it has toxic, but i dun really like its weak ED)

    PS: i kinda prefer Team 1 as i like crits with acid rain/toxic/venom and 2 25 AP. but i still need suggestion! So plz help!

  40. Hi.Can someone plz rate my lvl 29 digsy....his stats are.....
    HP 81
    ea 49
    ed 66
    pa 76
    pd 64
    sp 51

    can you rate it out of ten

  41. help! anyone. its kinda urgent!

  42. Please rate my level 30 Digsy.


    Thank you very much.

    More Power!

  43. I want to know which one is better Digsy or Drilldent ? I will highly appreciate the answer thank you.

    @Wang Di : I'm not really experienced and I'm not even get any of my miscrits to lvl 30 yet but as far as I know I think both of them are pretty solid and cool but maybe team 1 will be better because of weevern's weakness... (this is purely just what I think thought...)

  44. Wang Di: If you like team 1, go for it! If I could suggest an alternative though: Sparkitten, Grubbean, Flutterpat, Digsy. That would be a pretty great team. :)

    Fan: That's a tough call. Digsy is better against Elemental Miscrits, but Drilldent is better against Physical. They're both two of my favorites, but lately I've been favoring Digsy.

  45. Yeah, I was debating to level grubbean or digsy as I liked them both. That will be great. I think I can buy a prawnja in the gift shop in the future. But I think I should level up my prawnja, flutterpat, grubbean and sparkitten to level 30 first as I'm desperate in having a level 30 team. Btw my sparkitten's EA disappointed me a lot.... It is level 28 and it only has 66 EA! My miscrits with max stats is 71, so there is a significant difference between and its only strong.....btw grubbean is beast! I could finish off a miscrit in the battle arena with only 2 destructions!

  46. May I know your opinion regarding which team is better.

    Team 1: Snorkels-Dark Flue-Mun Kee-Digsy
    Team 2: Snorkels-Ignios-Mun Kee-Digsy

    Thank you.

  47. Okay, I've replaced my entire team. Now its,

    Which wind miscrit that isn't rare and good will you peeps reccomend? Thanks, ooh I'm gonna train Thundercracker first :D

  48. Oops, I forgot to put my name, its Sparkplugged, the previous comment too.

  49. hi chris, can you rate my lvl 30 team ?
    2. Dark Flowerpiller
    3.Mun Kee

  50. damn.. i really have a bad luck with the expert training.. bonus stat always goes to EA which is a waste.. anyway pls rate my Excavior:

    HP: 90
    EA: 63
    ED: 68
    PA: 76
    PD: 71
    SP: 51


  51. Hey can u please rate my digsy lvl 27
    HP : 78 SP : 40
    EA : 44 PA : 66
    ED : 60 PD : 63
    in basic training

  52. isnt digsy found in mt gemma?
    i got mine there

  53. please rate my digsy lv 30

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  55. Hey can anybody rate my level 15 digsy

    Health = 46
    Elemental Attack = 28
    Elemental Defense = 36
    Physical Attack = 42
    Physical Defense = 32
    Speed = 24

  56. master chris can u rate my digsy level 30 rate it ?/10
    Health: 86
    EA: 56
    ED: 71
    SPEED: 47
    PA: 78
    PD: 74

  57. Max and high strong defenses!!! That is a very good Digsy. 9.5/10

  58. should i keep digsy or mun kee in my team ?
    (lvl 30 )

  59. i have a digsy and blazebit and also dark afterburn which should i replace i thought of having dark afterburn and blazerbit and was going to release digsy

  60. and that munkee guy i think u should keep munkee

  61. pl anybody reply this i hav a dark afterburn and eraptacas and excavior and a ostral and weevern every body lst evolve i will surely keep weevern and i will keep ostral too which is leggy and what should i do with them which should i keep

  62. If your Eruptacus is good, I would surely keep it. I would also go for Excavior as well. If your Eruptacus isn't good, I would take Dark Afterburn.

    Erutacus, Excavior, Weevern, Ostral= A 9.5/10 team, very good but a bit Elemental Heavy

    Dark Afterburn, Excavior, Weevern, Ostral= A 9.3/10 team, balanced but depending on Eruptacus' stats, a Eruptacus is better than Dark Afterburn.

    Why release? The new VI mode makes releasing "POOF!!" and everything is gone. You won't get EXP back or TP or whatever. You can keep that miscrit for a second team =)

  63. is leggy better than munkee?
    i have a level 30 mun kee but i guess its health and speed are just moderate should i continue to search for another mun kee or just train a leggy pls answer tnx

  64. i have lvl 30 -
    afterburn,tuskalate,demolasher,dark clawmurai,dark flowerpillar,boomane,wiquill,sandherin
    Which should be my preferrable team?
    thank u in advance