Thursday, June 9, 2011

Echino Review

Echino is a powerful tank Miscrit that will be available for capture once Sunfall Shores is released. Echino's great defensive stats, coupled with Photosynthesis, allow it to take a beating from any Miscrit in the game. Its only weakness is Speed, so keep it away from fast Fire Miscrits that can double turn and take out a chunk of Health before you can use Photosynthesis. Echino is a great choice for any team in need of a defensive Nature Miscrit.

**** / Above Average

Echino will be in Sunfall Shores once it is released. The rarity of this Miscrit is currently unknown. It was introduced as a reward for the Battle Arena and it was briefly purchasable through the Gem Shop.

Health - Strong
Elemental Attack - Moderate
Elemental Defense - Strong
Physical Attack - Moderate
Physical Defense - Strong
Speed - Weak

Skill List
Level 1 - Wisp - A simple Nature attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 1 - Sustain - Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. Accuracy 100%.
Level 4 - Poke - A simple Physical attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 7 - Fetal Position - Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 5. Accuracy 95%.
Level 10 - Cactus Bombshell - An exclusive Nature attack. Attack Power 10, Accuracy 95%.
Level 13 - Toxic - An intense Poison attack that may damage your foe for 3 turns. Attack Power 10, Accuracy 85%.
Level 16 - Sow - A powerful Nature attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 19 - Strike - A powerful Physical Attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 22 - Hyper Power - Raises your Physical and Elemental Attack by 11. Accuracy 90%.
Level 25 - Wallop - A very powerful Physical attack.  Attack Power 20, Accuracy 90%.
Level 28 - Photosynthesis - Removes Fire's advantage over Nature. Accuracy 100%.
Level 30 - Sauraro Strike - A massively powerful Nature attack. Attack Power 25, Accuracy 90%.

Recommended Level 30 Skills
Sauraro Strike
Hyper Power
Wallop or Toxic

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  1. Should I train up my echino or my weevern or my dark flowerpillar?

  2. That depends on your team. Overall, Dark Flowerpiller is the best of those three Miscrits. But if you need a good tank, Echino is great at it. Weevern is a good Miscrit, but it's a notch below DFP.

  3. i think u should train weevern or weevern is now lvl 10 and it is very powerful... goodluck on choosing! :)

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