Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drilldent Review

Drilldent is a powerful Earth Miscrit with Max Physical Attack and Defense. It is a purely Physical Miscrit; with Weak Elemental Attack and Speed, Drilldent was not made to exploit elemental advantages in the slightest. Few Physical-based Miscrits can stand toe-to-toe with Drilldent over a long battle. Most other Physical Miscrits, like Dark Flue, Sledgehog, and Fossillia, have either Max attack or defense, but Drilldent is unique in its single-minded dedication to Physical combat. Over short battles (with no potions), Drilldent doesn't appear to be any better than other Physical Miscrits. It excels in the long run. The longer the battle lasts, the more Drilldent's superior Physical stats come into play, and the less important Health becomes (not that Strong Health is bad). Drilldent also has a good skill list that includes Sandstorm and Sleep, shoring up its weaknesses and allowing it to respond to a variety of situations. 

***** / Excellent

Drilldent can be found in the entrance area of Mount Gemma. It is a very common Miscrit.

Health - Strong
Elemental Attack - Weak
Elemental Defense - Moderate
Physical Attack - Max
Physical Defense - Max
Speed - Weak

Skill List
Level 1 - Rubble - A simple Earth attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 1 - Toughen Up - Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. Accuracy 100%.
Level 4 - Poke - A simple Physical attack. Attack Power 7, Accuracy 100%.
Level 7 - Sleep - Put your foe to Sleep for 2 turns, or until you attack them. Accuracy 50%.
Level 10 - Drill - A Physical attack using Gropher's younger nose. Attack Power 10, Accuracy 95%.
Level 13 - Feebler - Lower your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 8. Accuracy 100%.
Level 16 - Stalactite -  A powerful Earth attack. Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 19 - Bash - A powerful Physical attack.  Attack Power 15, Accuracy 90%.
Level 22 - Landslide - A very powerful Earth attack. Attack Power 20, Accuracy 90%.
Level 25 - Sandstorm - Removes Wind's advantage over Earth. Accuracy 100%.
Level 28 - Hyper Power - Raises your Physical and Elemental Attack by 11. Accuracy 90%.
Level 30 - Screwdriver - A massive Physical attack to destroy your foe. Attack Power 25, Accuracy 90%.

Recommended Level 30 Skills
Hyper Power

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  1. They're both great Miscrits. Drilldent is a little better against Physical Miscrits, and Fossillia is a little better against Elemental Miscrits. The skills of each Miscrit may fit better in your team. Do you need someone who can Sleep? Go with Drilldent. Do you need a defense debuffer? Go with Fossillia.

    Of course, that only applies to level 30. Drilldent is much better at lower levels.

  2. This is travis again

    I agree 100% i don't have a lvl 30 Drilldent but i have one on my lvl 10 team as my last miscrit and he wins so many battles for me he is a monster just runs right through other miscrits

    sleep is amazing for using pots just keep him away from wind miscrits they can take him out pretty quick nothing a neg element cant fix tho

  3. Yep, I use a Drilldent on my main level 10 team for the exact same purpose. They really are amazing at level 10. It's one of the few Miscrits I've thought about leveling multiple times (to 10) to use on different teams. Of course, Drilldent tends to survive for a couple of battles anyway. :)

  4. yep ive also thought of putting him on more than 1 team but like you said he normally survives to use him in the next battle any way he has won so many battles for me hes an amazing miscrit for any lvl 10 team who needs a phys attacker

  5. Is he still good aat high levels and why is he only good on the long run with potions?

  6. Yes, Drilldent is still great at high levels. It's always a good Miscrit, potions or not, I was just emphasizing that it's better in long fights because it has Max PA and PD, where most Miscrits only have one or the other. In shorter fights it makes less of a difference because it's pretty much going to kill or die in 4 hits against something like Fossillia or Dark Flue. The superior stats are more important the longer the fight is, because the extra PD would make Fossillia hit Drilldent for a little bit less than Drilldent hits Fossillia, so maybe it takes 10 hits to kill Fossillia after using a couple of healing potions, and 11 to kill Drilldent using the same potions.

  7. I still see people using like Landslide and it does 18 damage at level 22? Isn't ED weak?

  8. EA is Weak for Drilldent. They probably use it because it's a 20 AP skill and Bash is only 15, but they'd probably do more damage with Bash anyway because of the huge difference in EA and PA.

  9. I love spamming sleep and Hyper Power on Drilldent. ^^

  10. Whichever you prefer! The best part about Drilldent over Eggy is that you don't have to deal with random Health.

  11. IMO Drilldent is one of the best non-rares and its easy to get it too! :D

  12. how are these stats for gropher level 15:
    S :19

  13. Yeah i used a drilldent and its now level 19 gropher very stong

  14. i dont think drilldent is strong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. can you rate my drilldent lvl 30

  16. i have demolasher lvl 3o and he's so strong that it can kill two miscrits at a time.......

  17. wat about my AFTERBURN having health 93, EA 57, ED 56, PHYSICAL ATTACK 80, PHYSICAL DEFENCE 50 and SPEED 45.........

  18. drilldent or digsy?

  19. Drilldent or Foss???

  20. Anon
    Your drilldent is good!!! It has Max health and very good PA and PD. ED turned out pretty decent for moderate.

    Anon 2
    Yeap, I also have a Demolasher at Level 30 and it is a monster. I found it to be my best tool :DDD My Demolasher has 83 PA though, so it hits really hard and I am lovin' it!!

    Anon 3
    Its pretty normal for a Dark Afterburn. The PA is really good. PD and SP is a little lower than I like to see though.

    Anon 4
    They are both great miscrits. Drilldent is better against Physical Miscrits and Digsy is better against Elemental. I have both of them at lvl 30 and I confess, I like Drilldent more due to how I lucked out at ET and got Max HP :)))

    Anon 4
    I find my Drilldent to be better than my Fossilia. Fossilia is someone you'll go for if you want to exploit elemental advantages and is a debuffer.

    Drilldent (mine)
    HP: 106
    EA: 45
    ED: 56
    PA: 83
    PD: 79
    SP: 40

    Fossillia (mine)
    HP: 101
    EA: 53
    ED: 54
    PA: 79
    PD: 68
    SP: 36

    So looking at these stats, my Drilldent has a higher stat total and I am favouring my Drilldent more than my other lvl 30 Earth miscrits (I have Drilldent, Fossillia and Digsy in level 30) I also have a lvl 24 Eggy (which I contemplate releasing because its terrible)

  21. Nikol,

    So what miscrits you have on your team??

  22. I have 2 lvl 30 teams, plus an extra level 30 miscrit. On my main team (the first one) I have Dark Prawnja, Preliator, Drilldent and Dark Flowerpiller. On my second team, I have Fossillia, Snorkels, Dark Flowerpiller and Blazebit. I have all of them at lvl 30, and I have a lvl 30 Digsy for hunting or for replacing my miscrits if one of them faints after an Arena Battle.

    I also have 5 lvl 24's and 4 lvl 10's. I am contemplating to release one of my lvl 24's soon.

    Lvl 24's
    A terrible Eggy :P
    Mun Kee

    I want to have a DFP in all my teams to capitalize on double turns

    My lvl 10's
    Dark Flowerpiller
    Drilldent (its a beast!!)
    Thundercracker (a decent one)