Friday, December 13, 2013

Wind Miscrit Rankings

Here's an old guest post that I never fully edited. Enjoy!

Author: Darren Lee

In this series of posts, I'm going to highlight some of the best and worst Miscrits in the game, and why they are so good or bad. Hopefully this will help you with your teams. I'll rank the Miscrits from best to worst in each element, and give details to each Miscrit such as what kind of Miscrit it is (tanker, nuker, etc.) Oh yeah, and I'm not going to bother with the starter Miscrits (Flue, Flowerpiller, and Prawnja), since their dark versions are pretty much the same... but better. And one last thing, I'm not including Volcano Island Miscrits in here, like Slithero, Rockodile, Shroomer, and Scorcero because they're still largely unknown.

1. Mun Kee
Probably one of the best miscrits in the game, with an awesome skill set and great stats. It has max elemental attack and strong elemental defense, and with good rolls on its health and speed, it becomes a beast. With deep sleep, cool breeze, and high focus, you could do a lot with this miscrit.
2. Flutterpat
With max elemental attack, this fast miscrit could be really good as well with good elemental defense. I'm not really clear on all its skills yet, but I do know that its ariel strike at level 30 can deal a good amount of damage - an AP of 2, but can attack up to like 16 times (sorry if I'm wrong, its hard to count :P).
3. Leggy
With strong elemental attack, elemental defense, physical defense, and speed, it more than makes up for its physical attack and health. With lightning rod and sleep, its skills aren't bad either.
4. Poltergust
With strong attack power and elemental defense, it's also quite good. It's skills are average, with sleep.
5. Jack
Jack has strong elemental attack, with its health and speed random. It's quite average, and I'm not too familiar with its skills, so I can't say much about it.
6. Equestrion
With strong defenses, it's not too bad, but it can't deal much damage. But it's quite average nevertheless. Nothing too special except for its high focus and lullaby wind, which is a 23 AP attack with a chance of sleep.
7. Breezycheeks
Now I'll admit, Breezycheeks is a really weak miscrit, but she's placed here because of his level 10 move, dizzying winds, which is pretty strong. Other than that, this extremely fast elemental miscrit is that great due to its weak health and physical defense.
8. Aria
With weak health, this elemental miscrit isn't that good. However it does have sleep, and 2 25 AP attacks.
9. Owlie
I hate to say this, because I think Owlie is one of the coolest looking miscrits around, but it is pretty weak, with bad physical defense. But with a combo of good elemental attack and speed, it might not be too bad.

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  1. Hi Chris i was wondering if you could rate my level 30 mun kee:
    Elemental attack:77
    Ehysical attack:44
    Elemental defence:70
    Physical defence:42
    Thank you.