Friday, December 13, 2013

Lightning Miscrit Rankings

Here's an old guest post that I never fully edited. Enjoy!

Author: Darren Lee

In this series of posts, I'm going to highlight some of the best and worst Miscrits in the game, and why they are so good or bad. Hopefully this will help you with your teams. I'll rank the Miscrits from best to worst in each element, and give details to each Miscrit such as what kind of Miscrit it is (tanker, nuker, etc.) Oh yeah, and I'm not going to bother with the starter Miscrits (Flue, Flowerpiller, and Prawnja), since their dark versions are pretty much the same... but better. And one last thing, I'm not including Volcano Island Miscrits in here, like Slithero, Rockodile, Shroomer, and Scorcero because they're still largely unknown.

1. Thundercracker
With strong elemental prowess and physical attack, and potential to be fast, it's the obvious choice for best lightning miscrit. With venom, sludge, and high focus, it's very good at level 28, and maybe level 30. Too bad it doesn't have a 25 AP elemental attack though.
2. Jellyshock
A good physical miscrit with a nice skill list, Jellyshock is the second best miscrit. With fury, and sock - which is a 10 AP attack with a chance to confuse, it can do some nasty damage.
3. Luna
Although it has weak health, it is a good fast elemental miscrit. With scorched earth, toxic, and laser focus, it has nice skills. However, I would definitely NOT recommend it for level 30 -- because its last attack, leech drain, does little damage, and only heals it a little bit.
4. Arigato
With strong attack power, this miscrit is a fighter. With bright lights, sleep, and some good buffs and debuffs, Arigato is pretty good.
5. Sparkslug
A good elemental miscrit, it's skills focus on better attacks, and buffs and debuffs.
6. Microblast
Okay, first of all, sorry if I misjudge this miscrit, I've only seen it once in battle before, so it might be better than I think. It's a strong fast elemental miscrit with weak health and physical attack (much like a leggy, but worse I suppose). And I also noticed that its skills only consists one physical attack - which is the basic hit - which kind of sucks for him.
7. Sparkspeck
A fast, strong elemental miscrit, however is really weak in all things physical, and not to mention health as well. Nothing special about it except toxic.
8. Kiloray
Okay, this miscrit is 100% attacker. Kiloray was not designed to survive :P (a nuker) With weak health, as well as both defenses, its pretty bad. But thanks to it's speed, and good attack power, its not a completely fail. It does have scorched earth, blitzkrieg (AP of 12, can hit 2 times, not that special, I know), and confuse.
9. Statikat
It does have strong elemental attack and speed, but everything else about it is weak. Now I do understand that its last attack has an AP of 26, which is really good, but it still doesn't change my mind. In my opinion, its still not as good as Kiloray, because it can't adapt to situations, for example, if a miscrit is weak in physical defense but good in elemental defense, then Kiloray can work around it, but Statikat can't.

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