Friday, December 13, 2013

Miscrian Forest Rare Miscrits

Here's an old guest post that I never fully edited. Enjoy!

Author: Yue Fang Ang

5. Here is the list of (forest) rares and how they help you.
- Blazebit. The most famous of all rares, notably thanks to his all random stats. He is certainly powerful if you can get some nice rolls in his stats, however he has all random stats and you will never know how it turns out at the end. He has however probably what is the most powerful level 10 skill: Bombard. With its 7 damage and hit-twice it deals a 14 total damage. He is certainly a great tank with defenses and health very good, a powerful attacker with nice offenses, and is overall very good with nice rolls in stats. Type: Random - Element: Fire – Best levels: (elemental) 10, 22, 30 (Physical) 16, 25
- Waddles. The first ever rare miscrit, he is notably also one of the unique miscrits. His stats are equal to Shellbee, making him a less worthy rare. However he is also the least rare of all rares, it is possible to find 1-2 within an hour. He is most notable for having both Sleep and Confuse- It is possible to land a confuse, then land a sleep making the opponent unable to do anything at all for 4 turns- In which you can debilitate the enemy, then strike with Quack attack. Type: Elemental Tank – Element: Water – Best levels: 10, 19, 22, 30
- Tulipinny. A very well balanced miscrit excelling in Elemental stats with a moderate, strong, strong, moderate, moderate, moderate. He learns confuse as well as poison. Overall a very good Elemental attacker, but nothing special. Type: Elemental Tank – Element: Nature – Best levels: 10, 16, 30
- Treemur: Tulipinny with Weak health. He does however have a nice skill list, including Stilled and Unbreakable. His main weakness lies in his health. Comparable of power to Twiggum and Tulipinny. Type: Elemental Tanker – Element: Nature – Best levels: 10, 19, 30
- Dark Prawnja: A slower Prawnja with Higher physical attack. He learns Overwater and Acid Rain as well, making him very mighty. His final skill Dark Clamp does 27 physical damage, and his Dark Pincer Chop at level 10 deals 11 water damage. A Perfect tanker with Unbreakable. Remember to use Overwater when Nature miscrits are around, and definitely beware Dark Flowerpillar. Also check Chris’s review of him. Type: Physical Tanker – Element: Water – Best levels: *13, 16, 19, 30
- Dark Flue: A Flue with Better skills and higher PD. With his Max physical attack + his Dark Mighty Bash of 27 physical damage he is the ultimate Physical attacker currently. He can tank physical attacks heavily with his Body Blocker, and also deals heavy damage. He has confuse and debilitate as well. He unfortunately has no skill to negate element. Check Chris’s review of him too. Type: Physical Tanker – Element: Fire – Best levels: 16, 30
- Dark Flowerpillar: The final Dark miscrit to be released. Her ultimate ability is her learning 2 poisons which can be used at the same time to deal even more damage- Venom + Toxic combo, 14 and 10 poison damage respectively. Combine her Dark Bugs of 27 Nature damage and her Max EA makes her the strongest Elemental attacker in the game currently. She also learns Photosynth and Confuse. Learning Thrive at level 16 makes he a perfect tank, combined with Toxic + Dark Sting. Also learning Photosynth at level 19 coupled with Thrive makes a good Tank, although training it up to 25 is better. Check Chris’s review of her too. Type: Elemental Striker – Element: Nature – Best levels: 10, 13, *16, *19, 25, 28, 30

* It may or may not be depending on your strategy.
Terms- Elemental Striker: will be bound to lose in a long fight using potions if you try tanking with it. Elemental is its basic form of attack. – Elemental Tanker: Tanks out real good if you buff its defenses. Elemental is its basic form of attack. Random: 3 or more its stats are random, you never know what it will turn out. Physical Tanker: With some defense buffs it can tank out real good. Physical is its basic form of attack.

I will do the Mt Gemma and Sunfall Shores Rares next time, stay tuned for them. I hope that these posts will help you better in deciding which is a great rare, and help you pick out a better team, than having a team of all rares while being unable to utilize them to their maximum.

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  1. So blazebit has powerful lvl 10 skill. Is there any cheats of how to find him. I've been playing the game for over a year and I haven't found him yet.